Monday, March 31, 2008

Random pictures and links

I'm trying to figure out how to work this blogging site so bare with me. There's lot's of random stuff that might go up. I'm just going to write like this was a journal so if you get bored, sorry. I'm married and broke so we don't have an exciting life.

Nate's sick today, I feel so bad for him. His throat was scratchy and the whole night he was coughing and miserable. He came home from work early, I'm sure sooner or later I'll get sick too. I'm surprised I wasn't the one to get sick first since I'm in primary.

Speaking of primary. We are having an activity in April with a missionary theme. We are sending out little invitations in the form of mission callings and we are having members of the ward set up tables with items from where they served their missions or where they're from. If you have any ideas please let me know. I think it will be a fun activity for the kids.

Here's my funny story of the day. In primary we were having a lesson on the atonement and I was having this cute little sunbeam, Raven, hold a picture of Christ in the Garden. I was explaining that Jesus suffered for all our sins because he loves us all so much. Raven asked "Even me?" I told her yes, that he loved her very very much to which she replied "Well thank you, that's very kind of Him. I love him too."
How cute is that?


Leah said...

She is very cute. By the way this Nathan's old friend Leah. I am now living in Sandy. We should get together.

N & K Caulder said...

Yay Haley! Welcome to the blogging world! If you're interested in reading ours, email me at:

~Kari (Christensen) Caulder (Nate's wife)