Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I love my sister!

I want to share some funny stories about my sister but before I do, I want everyone to know what a sweet, kind, thoughtful girl she is. She is always asking if I need anything and if I ever do need her, she is there in two seconds. I love that I can always depend on her.

The Logan Saga

I’ve been told many times that I need to write down the experiences that I’ve had with my little sister, Logan. Although my stories may not be as interesting to some, those who know my family and more specifically, my sister, might get a kick out of my tales.
More than likely, Logan will deny these charges set at her feet but please know that I am telling the truth. If I were her, I’d deny them too, but alas they must be told, and I am the one to tell.

Logan was born when I was seven, I remember the Christmas before she was born; people would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. In my mind I thought they were daft for asking such a silly question. What little girl didn’t want a sister for Christmas? I put my order in to Santa right away. To my disappointment, no little sister was in my stocking that Christmas morning, but on November 1, 1988 after my mom had spent Halloween (Oct 31st) lifting three other kids in and out of the truck to go trick or treating, Logan popped out and joined the family. We always tease her that if she would have been born on Halloween we would have called her Spook, for some reason she never found that funny. She still doesn’t laugh about it, but then she doesn’t laugh at all when we tease her.
Mom and Dad said that I could pick out her middle name (I figured I should get to name her since I’m the one who asked for her), I had a friend named Sarah at the time and I thought that would be a great middle name for a sister. Logan for some reason doesn’t like the name Sarah. To this day she doesn’t believe that I picked her name out for her, but it’s true, I named her. She should be grateful; after all, I was seven at the time and I remember when Logan was seven she named one of her toys: Pocahontas-Robin Hood-Honolulu Hawaii Smith. Sarah doesn’t sound half bad now, does it?
I probably wouldn’t be where I am in my life now if I didn’t have a little sister watching my every move. Do you know how much pressure is put on a girl when she knows what ever she does her little sister will be right behind her. The famous “If they jumped off a cliff would you follow?” comes to my mind. Logan would have jumped off any cliff I did (luckily for both of us I’m terrified of heights so we didn’t have to worry about any cliffs).
I grew up and moved out of the house when I was 18. Logan probably would have followed me if my folks would have let her but alas, she would have to follow me from a different state. I moved to Oregon and my family moved to Yakima. I remember once I decided I was going to surprise her by showing up for her birthday. Everyone knew about it but Logan so I drove the 6 hours and arrived in the afternoon with my folks gone. Logan and Marshall were at home. Marshall saw me drive in and he came out to meet me. I told him to keep Logan busy so I could sneak in a hide in the dryer. The plan was he would tell her that she needed to fold the clean clothes before mom and dad came home. Marshall kept her in the back room as I shimmied myself in to the dryer. All of a sudden I heard yelling and arguing, Marshall had told Logan to fold the clothes but she figured that mom had told him to do the chore and he was trying to trick her into doing his job. Finally, she stomped over to the dryer and opened it. I looked up and smiled at her getting ready to yell “Surprise!” but before I could blink she screamed and slammed the dryer door. I would have lost a couple of fingers if I would have had my hand on the rim of the door.
As the years passed, I moved to Utah and eventually served an 18 month mission for my church in Arizona. Logan grew up as I was gone. I flew to Yakima from Arizona after I finished my time as a missionary. The plane landed at the little airport with me still thinking of Logan as 7 year old. As I walked into the terminal I looked up a saw a real live Amazon Woman (funny I thought they don’t know what happened to the controversial tribe of Amazon Women). One thing that I was glad about was that I wouldn’t have to worry about her wearing my clothes. On the flip side of it, my short stint at being a big sister was over and for some unknown reasons Logan now felt she needed to teach me a lesson for all the times I’d picked on her ( I don’t know where that crazy idea came from, I blame it on all the violence from TV) . And so, I am now her older sister since I’ve lost the claim of bigger sister, but the Lord has seen fit that I can still out run her to ensure my survival. Apparently, she does have a little Amazon Woman in her, I can’t seem to convince her that she doesn’t need to tackle me to stay alive.


Jocelyn said...

Ha! And you said you were boring! I'd kill you for that if I were Logan, so I'd watch your back if I were you.

Ha! The word verification wants me to spell "poo." Did you rig it or something?

gigi said...

Only a sister can do these kinds of things and get away with it. Every one is fair game when it comes to blogging. Watch out!

Aramie Randall said...

Wow- Logan looks just like the naked cowboy's female counterpart!