Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This is for Joce

Ok, I've been tagged but I'm not happy about it so I hope it doesn't become a trend. Joce tagged me and so with her being my buddy in crime, I will comply.

1- 5 places I go to over and over: The fridge to fill up my water glass (look how healthy I am...), to the bathroom because I go to the fridge to fill up my glass so often, to the grocery store because I use up all the toilet paper when I go to the bathroom (a sign of my cleanliness), to work so I can afford all the toilet paper I have to buy at the grocery store. And last of all, on the romantic side, I go into Nate's arms whenever I can.

2- 5 people who email me regularly: I'm not sure what regularly consists of, but these are the closest. Costco News, mom, Victoria's Secret, some person named FreeViagraforYou, and Sister Booth (my mission presidents wife).

3- 5 favorite places to eat (along with my recommendations): Cracker Barrel (the pork BBQ is addicting), Texas Roadhouse (the ribs will make all sorts of noises come out of your mouth), McCools (the meatloaf is from the gods), Big Daddy's Pizza (It use to be called Pudge Brothers, apparently too many people were living up to that name...) and last is Myang Ga is a yummy Korean restaurant it has amazing Korean pork BBQ called Degibugogi and Bugogi.
If you can't tell, I'm a practicing vegetarian and very devoted.

4- 5 places I would rather be: The Oregon Coast in a little beach house with the rain falling down and the smell of the ocean in every breath, A quiet little cabin in the middle of the woods, the rain beating on the roof with a fire burning and me curled up next to it with a book, Horseback riding on an overcast day on a quiet trail where I only see wild animals and hear the sounds of nature, Dancing, swing dancing, line dancing, just dancing because it makes me happy, and last of all, in a house all of my own with a little land in the country where I can run around naked if I wanted to (not that I would...).
Note: Of course all of these activities would be with Nate, I love that guy, it just wouldn't be as magical if he wasn't with me.

5- 5 T.V. shows {slash DVD's} I watch all the time: I don't really have any shows that I watch "all" the time. I'm a closet American Idol fan, and yes, when auditions come to SLC I plan on being there and being the next American Idol... Nate's idea of a romantic weekend wouldn't be complete without watching Cops on Saturday. I enjoy Hells Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey is my *bleeping* hero. Though no longer on tv, Arrested Development, is one of my top favorites for any category. If you haven't experienced Arrested Development, I would like to introduce you. I'd be betraying who I was if I didn't admit to my enjoyment of Scrubs. It took awhile but now I'm very envious of the guy love between Turk and JD.

There, Joce, are you happy???


Jocelyn said...

You're not happy about being tagged? YOU'RE the one who was whining to me so much about being too boring to blog and having nothing to blog about. I'm just trying to help you out!

We could arrange that Oregon Coast beach house if you'd just come out here to visit! I love Scrubs, too. Wanna be my Turk? We stopped watching it for a few years after Grant somehow convinced me that a season finale was in fact the series finale and we would never see it again. Now that we've realized how very wrong he was, we're slowly catching up on DVD. I love TV shows on DVD. No waiting until next week.

Sorry it was so painful for you, but yes, I am happy now. You complete me.

Jocelyn said...

P.S. You reminded me of this movie. Can you guess what it is?

"Are we on Cops? Are we on Cops?"

Campbell said...

Haley, Haley!!! You are HILARIOUS!!! I'm so happy you're blogging and I love reading your posts.
By the way, the townhouse next to us is for rent. Want it??? I'm trying to find somebody to move in.

Haley...Nate thinks blogging is silly said...

Joce, thanks for listening to whining and encouraging to step out of my boring box.
I'll stop whining
PS:I think you're the most smartest, did you get that? Most smartest...

gigi said...

I hate TAGS but I enjoy reading others answers. You are a very interesting person.

Aramie Randall said...

I love you Haley Beth. You are an inspiration to me. Sorry about the magazine subscription. I am actually completely ashamed that it took me so long to live up to my promise! You will not be disappointed, and I expect us to have nice long chats about the fascinating things we glean from the pages of Country Living!