Friday, September 12, 2008

Cowboy Boots and Basketball Shoes Part 1: The Meeting

This is a story of Nate and Haley from Haley’s point of view, Nate may have his own opinions but until he writes them down, what I say goes.

Nate’s mom once told me that when Nate was little he wanted to name one of his sons Captain Moroni. He was laughed at and told that he would never find a woman who would let him name a kid “Captain.” Little did he know that fate was already intertwining our lives as my parents named my younger brother and their first son “Captain.” All of the different paths that we took in our lives, the choices we made, the lessons we learned; brought us to the same place.

The Meeting
Everyday when I went to the library at the LDS Business Collage, I saw and eventually made friends with a guy named Josh. He was a nice enough guy but when it came down to it, he had no common sense when it came to girls. Let me give you a few classic examples: Josh picked a girl up for a date and made her pay for half the gas. He took another girl to get some food and told her she had to order something from the coupons he had. I heard him once ask a girl if she’d like to play tennis with him. She said yes then Josh said “But you’ll have you use my old racket because I don’t want you to break my new one.” He can’t figure out why he’s not married and to this day is still single.

As Josh and I talked over the semester, he asked me if I knew who Nate Judd was. I didn’t. Josh told me that Nate sat in the corner of the library and he always had a hat on. I said ok but didn’t think anymore about it. A few days later Josh asked me if I had noticed Nate in the library, I hadn’t really, I had no reason to. Our conversations followed those same lines “Did you notice Nate?” “Nate’s such a good guy” “Nate is really smart.” To be honest with you, I really didn’t give much credit or thought to Josh and his conversations about Nate. Josh told me a little bit about Nate. He said that Nate had served a mission in Korea when he was 24, that he had had a very beautiful girlfriend for seven years and had been engaged to her, now she was a model (great!).
One morning a few weeks later Josh asked me if I had a boyfriend. I was torn because I was dating someone but we weren’t together, also, I was worried that Josh would ask me out and so I almost told him I was seeing someone. But for some reason I told him “No, I don’t have a boyfriend.” I waited for him to ask me out and tried to think of some excuse to let him down easy. “Well,” he said “one of my friends likes you.” Are we back in high school? “Is it Nate?” I asked. He looked at me shocked “How did you know?” Apparently, Josh isn’t as subtle as he thought he was. At that exact moment Nate walked by, I must have blushed when I saw him and that’s when he knew that Josh had told me that I had an admirer. Josh darted off after Nate and I sat in the library, unable to study, thinking about this guy that I knew nothing about who “liked me.” I half expected Josh to hand me a note from Nate that said “Do you love me? Check yes or no.” A day or two later (it was a Wednesday) I was studying in the library, Nate and a few of his buddies were a few tables away. I really looked a Nate for the first time and thought he was cute but again I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in Josh and to be honest with you, I was a little wary of any of Josh’s friends. If they were anything like Josh…
I stood up from my table and went out of the library to the bathroom. As I walked out of the bathroom, I saw Nate sitting on the couch outside of the library. He looked at me and shook his head, then in what was one of the most difficult things for him to do; he got up from the couch and started walking towards me. He was wearing a red shirt that said “Plattsburgh State Baseball,” a pair of jeans, white shoes and a baseball hat that said “New York State Arm Wrestling Champion.” And may I add that he looked dang good, plus he smelled so wonderful I almost started to drool right then and there. “Haley,” he said “I don’t know what Josh told you but I’m probably going to kick his butt for talking to you.” He didn’t look at me, our whole conversation he had his hat tilted down so I couldn’t even see his face. “I think you’re the hottest girl in school and was wondering if you’d like to go out sometime.” How could I resist? He’s just called me the hottest girl in school plus he looked so good in that shirt, hiding mysteriously underneath his hat. I didn’t know at the time but he was right on the verge of passing out from being so nervous, how cute is that? I said that I would like to go out with him. He asked me for my phone number and typed it into his phone. Then I went back into the library. I think he went to the bathroom to throw up (I have no proof this the last comment). I sat back down at my table and thought about what had happened. I felt a little different about going out with this Nate kid than with any of the other guys that I’d dated. As I sat pondering these new feelings, I looked up to see Nate with a red face walking towards me. He mumbled something like “Can I have your phone number again?” In his nervousness and excitement of asking out the “hottest” girl in school, he forgot to save my number in his phone and so he had to talk to me again. I smiled, oh the fun I could have. The devil in me clapped with glee, how I could mess with him. I didn’t, I sweetly gave him my number again and then asked him if I should write it on his hand.


gigi said...

Thanks for filling in that big gap for me. That is the cutest story and I'm so glad that you didn't get stuck with Josh. You were made for the Judd family and Nathan. I remembered that he wanted to name a child Captain, once you jogged my memeory.

I'm so glad that Nathan didn't marry his old girl friend. She seemed like a nice girl but had so much family bagage. I remember her saying one time that she loved that the Judd family did things together. Her family always went to their own rooms to watch TV or eat by themselves. They weren't to fond of Mormons either, now that I think of it. And another thing, I sure never thought she was model material!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments. I'm glad that you grew up with plenty of humor in your life too. It helps you get thru the hard times a little easier! You have a great weekend.

Amanda said...

Ok, so the only modeling I've ever seen her do was in the phone book for a plastic surgeon. Seriously. I'm not trying to be mean, she's a sweet girl, I'm just sayin, she's not the hottest girl in school or anything.

I think Nate ended up right where he belongs. Good story.

The Cinderella Life said...

I really enjoyed your telling of your meeting Nate. He talked about you to me on the phone and I was so excited for him. Josh is hopeless. Poor guy. I'm grateful to him for forcing Nate into action.I don't know how long it would have taken Nate to work up the nerve to talk to LDS Business College's most beautiful girl. You might have already been engaged to the other guy if Josh hadn't have forced the issue.The old girl couldn't hold a candle to you.