Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More vacation pics (mostly of Darby)

No, I'm not playing favorites with my nieces. As soon as I go on a vacation with Kacey, I'll post a ton of pics of her on my blog. Until then here's some of my favorite pics of Darby Danae

Darby at the waterpark. I wish I would have gotten some pictures of her on the slide, talk about pure joy.

Darby playing with the puppies.
Yes, Darby is in a dog kennel.

Though Darby wasn't too sure about Lily at first, they became BFF after a few terrified first moments.
PS: That's Dustin on the side, he looks almost as cute as Darby when he's loving on his doggies.

Korean, it was so good.
-Darby, Hil, Frank, Cindy, Dustin, Jess, Nate, me

Here's Nate with Bear and Lily. Please note Nate's hair, now you know why he always wears a hat...

I'm not sure what gang sign he's flashing. It looks like a W to me and it's close to his face. I'm guessing: Wussy-Face....???

Natey-Poo and his niece Darby. She had him wrapped around her little finger the whole time.
Can you blame him?


hil said...

i must say, you have a dang cute niece! and she has a dang cute aunt (you). her mama could use some work...but if you check out Aramie's blog, you'll see that i got some done! i love you, Haley Beth!

Amanda said...

Little Miss Darby looks all Judd to me. What a fun time y'all had. Those family vaca's are the best.

gigi said...

Wonder why Nate and Dustin had all yall eating Korean food?? Such cute pictures of all of the Judds, sepecially Darby. Dogs weren't bad either. I loved the wet suit pictures of yall, you should be models!!

Aramie Randall said...

What is it about Nate that makes him so irresistable to little girls? Kacey still talks about playing "polar bears" with you guys when you were here last. I see so much of Hill in Darby. I stole some photos to put on my blog! I love your stinkin' guts.

gigi said...

Hey you sweet girl, tell Natey-Poo that I showed Sister Keeney your vacation pictures on your blog today. She was excited to see pictures of the Judd,s and she thought that Darby was cute and that Nathan had a very pretty wife!

The Cinderella Life said...

I cracked up when I read "RIP sunglasses" That was hiliarious. So funny reading about Nate's gang sign. Love You!