Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Only in my dreams, only in my dreams...

No my story but I wish it was…
*This story has not been exagerated by Haley, it is a true account that began late one life changing evening.

A friend of mine was driving home one evening after staying late at her boyfriends house. It was about 1:30 in the morning so the roads were deserted and she was alone. As she pulled to a stop at a red light, she looked to her right and saw a head poking up over a small grass-covered hill next to the road. She squinted trying to focus, wondering if her imagination was playing tricks on her but again she saw a face look up over the hill and stare at her car.
There were no other cars coming from any direction so she could have drove through the red light, but for some reason she wasn’t scared, she was intrigued. As she kept her eye on the light (obviously the longest red light ever) she mainly focused on the hill to her right. As she turned her head again to watch the hill, she saw the face grow taller to include a neck, followed to shoulders, waist, legs and feet. The person started running to her car and as the figure came into the streetlight, she realized that he was naked as the day he was born. She was mesmerized as he kept running towards her. Still she didn’t drive away.

A movement behind the naked running man caught her eye as to her surprise (and delight, maybe) a sea of about 20 other men spilled over the hill, jogging in her direction all of them naked (mental picture...?). Her car was soon surrounded by naked college boys circling and tapping on her windows. For about 30 seconds her eyes beheld the beauty of what is the male form, and then as if on queue, the group turned and ran back over the hill and disappeared from her life forever.

My question is, how long where the naked guys crouched down waiting for a car to stop? How weird is it to make small talk to a fellow naked man? And where is that hill located?


gigi said...

Now that is some story, one that you could tell and retell!
I was once flashed by a man in a trench coat. Scary and then one time I was going to CVS and the while I was in the store a car pulled in backwards really close to my car. Knowing that I would have to sqeeze by his car to get into mine. He had his window down and his pants undone and his self exposed. He spoke to me and of course I looked and then I screamed. He speed off and I got his tag and called the police and they went to his house and apparently he had a history of this kind of behavior! JERK! (that could be meant both ways)

Prissy & Hero said...

That is just weird! I can't believe that actually happened. Ok, maybe I can knowing my brother was part of a flop til you drop group. GROSS.