Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm not playing favorites...

I need to apologize to all my family and friends. I am the worst when it comes to birthday's, anniversaries...deaths, weddings, births...you get my drift. I don't mean to be a jerk, I wouldn't necessarily say that I have a bad memory; just a delayed one. I usually remember the event on the day of at about 11:07 pm. I don't think it would be socially unacceptable for you to send me a reminder note about your special upcoming event, maybe a week in advance send a daily email to remind me to buy you a present, make you a cake, or just send a stinkin' Ecard.

Thanks to my siblings, Marshall and Logan, I was able to remember my brother Captains birthday today. He recently joined the National Guard, missed the birth of his first child, finished bootcamp and is now training in Texas.
Captain and I were pretty close growing up.

I know, I know, we were cute. Everyone tells us that, we do get a little tired of hearing it...j/k.

I feel obliged to tell a story about Captain. A really good story. He never reads my blog so I can write just about anything I want about him...Oh, this is a good one.

Captain has never been much of a animal person. This can be very frustrating growing up on a farm full of animals.
We all had chores to do which included feeding, cleaning, maintaining fencing and everything else that comes with having animals. Captain didn't like this one bit but what could he do? Nothing. Well, he could yell at the animals, that's what he could do. And he did.
His arch nemesis was one of our dogs, Sadie. Sadie was a genius (for a dog). And she disliked Captain as much as he hated her. She would be laying down off to the side and he would walk by and yell at her for being in his way. She patiently waited to avenge her abuse. One sunny Sunday morning we left for church. Sadie was left in the house to enjoy a few hours of non-yelling. She joyfully waved at us from the window as we drove away, a peculiar glint in her eyes.
A few hours later we pulled up into our drive-way. Once again Sadie was looking out the window but there was a different look about her, as if a weight had been lifted off her paws.
Sadie raced outside as soon as we opened the door, us kids scurried upstairs to change our clothes. Our quiet sabbath day was ruined by Captain as he screamed a incoherent string of words which I think was suppose to be a sentence even though there was only adjectives used. In seconds the whole family was squeezed into his room, amazed at the precision in which Sadie had delicately pooped right in the middle of his pillow, like a brown rose nestled gently to protect it's delicate petals.
From that day forward whenever Captain was on the verge of yelling at Sadie, she would look him straight in the face then her eyes would slightly close and she'd motion up the stairs to his room. "There's only so many spare pillows in this house." She seemed to be saying to him.

Happy Birthday Captain!!!

PS: I've plenty more stories about Captain and the Animal Farm!


gigi said...

Happy birthday, Haley's brother!

Betty Jo said...

You must get the gene for forgetfulness from your mom!!

It is funny that he married a woman who loves cats!

Cute pics
love ya

Ali said...

Ha!! Dogs have a way of REALLY letting you know how they feel. "DIRECT HIT!!"