Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It may not be a good idea for Nate and I to reproduce...

While I should be working, I've been focused on more important things.
**Disclosure: I'm not pregnant***

Nate and I have always had a running joke that our kids are going to be mutant freaks. Here is what we have decided:

-They'll have transparent skin (we are both VERY light skinned)
-They'll have big feet with long toes
-Boys and girls will have man calves (that's my contribution)
-They'll all be hairy (instead of giving our daughters' a car for their 16th birthday we'll get them laser hair removal)
-They'll be blind (we both have bad eyes)

That's just the basic list, I could go on and on. Like I said, it's been a joke between us until today. Today I found a couple websites that will "morph" you and your spouses' picture resulting in what your baby will look like.

I haven't talked to Nate yet but once he sees these pictures I'm sure he'll agree that reproducing probably won't be the best choice for us.

Nate and Haley
(We're a pretty cute couple right? You would think we would have cute kids.)
(I had to make Nate a pirate because he doesn't like me posting pictures of him on my blog so I had to cover his face)

And now I present Baby "Maybe I'll have half a chance"

I know you're thinking "This kid is kinda cute."

Just wait!

Baby "Troll"

If this is what my kid will really look like I might march Nate right to the doctor right now to have a few things snipped.

Seriously, look at this little troll baby.

...But I saved the best for last. If you think the Troll Baby was bad, please don't scroll down unless you have a strong stomach...

Baby "What the holy h%ll"

I really don't know what to say except "She's as cute as she can be..."

I really don't know what to type as I try not to loose my lunch. I mean she's not even the "so ugly it's cute" type. She's the kind that you don't want to look at but just can't stop staring, it's memorizing really.

So there's a one in three chance that my kid my actually look like a human child and not J.R.R. Tolken character. I'm not much of a gambler...

To My Folks and Nate's Folks,

Due to recent developments please do not expect any grandchildren from us. Believe me it's for the best.

Cute couple that produces mutants


hil said...

yeah, maybe it's for the best not to reproduce. oh, the hairiness. that Judd gene is strong. we were discussing Darby's hair and how it is getting bleached out from all her swimming. Frankie said, "yours is, too, Hil." then he signaled my arms. that's right, and he was serious. i said, "just what every girl wants; a luscious arm of blonde hair." so, sorry to your children and mine. your children's only hope is you, my children's only hope is Frankie. but you and Nate are going to create some beautiful children. how could you not?

Kari said...

Ha ha! My Nate and I always tease each other that our poor daughters didn't have a fighting chance on a decent nose. The girls' present at 18 is rhinoplasty!

Jocelyn said...

Yup, those are some faces only a mother could love. I'm sure it won't be that bad.

What are you talking about? You have great legs!

Ali said...

It looks like the child in picture #1 has a 5:00 o'clock shadow. There must be some serious testosterone in your family!!

As for my kids, I think I got lucky. Because I told everyone that would listen that I would have either one of two children: The next Miss Universe or a Troll doll with sideburns. I think she's ok.

I wasn't wrong: When they handed her to me immediately after birth I zoned right in on her blood crusted side-chops. Thanks Ecuadorian Husband!!

Your kids will be awesome! Just look at that little nephew you have. Good genes run in your family

The Cinderella Life said...

Haley, with Nate and your beautiful eyes how could you help but have a darling child! 3 of our kids got the infamous "Judd" toe(second toe longer than great toe) one got Aunt Judy's bum and one got a bit of my super wide feet... but they are all beautiful kids, if a little hairy. There's just no getting around that Judd abundant hair gene!!!! There is just no accounting for the gene pool assignments. 4 of our kids got my brown eyes and 1 got Bob's hazel eyes.