Monday, August 3, 2009

Just for the record

I want to let 82% of my blogging BFF's know that you chose the wrong call sign. I don't like to tell a fella his business but I was a little shocked that Longshot killed the competition. I just made up that call sign for Logan to throw everyone off. Apparently it worked, I tricked 82 percent of you.

***UPDATE***Cindy just voted for Hijack. Thanks Cindy!!

Vote totals:

LongShot- 7
Hijack- 2 with a late vote from Cindy which totals 3
You guys are big nerds- 2 (I was really hoping no one would vote for this one...)
Ninja- 1

The following information is highly confidential, anyone caught sharing the following will die a painful death.

Call Sign:
Longshot= Logan
Ninja= Nate
Hijack= Haley

I think we need to vote again!!


hil said...

in all fairness, we didn't know that the letters needed to correlate with real names. of course, that would've told us which named belonged to each person, so it wouldn't have been unbiased. since you took hijack, i want to be "handsome." sure it's a little dikey, but i like it all the same.

Ali said...

you should've just given the two names. Cause hijack is WAAAY better than Ninja. I was seriously debating between hijack and Longshot for about 3 min. 120 seconds staring at my computer.

So for the record, you rule over Nathan.

Athena said...

I Win I Win, yeah for my rocking nickname

Kari said...

Oh, I am SO good. I chose Hijack!