Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Embarassment knows no bounds

I would like to try to explain an incident that happen last evening...but I don't think any amount of my explaining would make it sound good. Let's make this fun, like a mystery that you get to solve I will include the clues and you guess what happened.

Clues to the Mystery of the Butt Nakey Girl:

-I was sitting on the toilet, pants around my ankles
- A spider crawled across my shirt
-I brushed off spider, it fell into my pants
-I screamed and kicked my drawers (undies and all) off
-Nate came running in to save me
-Found me standing in the bathroom corner nakey from the waist down, except for tube socks.

I guess there's not much to solve, just a gross image that you're trying to get out of your head, I know Nate is.

All I can say is that it will make for a great movie.


Jessica said...

OMG this story is so, so funny. And the comment you just posted on my blog left me LOLing! :)

Colleen Marie said...

Thank you Sweetheart. These are the kinds of pictures I need in my mind.

Ali said...

I would've ripped off all my clothes and my husband would've found me stark naked trembling in a ball of nervousness for the next 2 days.

I totally sympathize with you

Jess said...

thinking about you half naked just made me throw up. I feel sorry for Nathan. Just kidding Haley, It made me have instant diahrrea (sp) in my undies. I too had to kick them off and then Jessica ran into the room to see what happened. The vicious cycle continues...


hil said...

i'm with you on the spider-thing. i was sleeping in Darby's bed a while back when i was awakened by a spider crawling on my arm, which i rapidly slapped at and flicked off in no particular direction but away, which subsequently landed an inch from my sleeping daughter's head. i'm a really good mom. but it's every man for himself when a spider is involved. Nate's just lucky you didn't go running through the streets half nakey and screaming.

Lisa said...

Um, didn't want that image in my mind. It will no doubt come to mind in the middle of something like YW opening exercises or some other time when I should be reverent! Cat just the other day found a huge brown spider on her robe! Crawling around happy as ever! eeewww!!!