Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Top 3 Most Annoying Actors/Actresses

I'd like to announce the nominees of Haley's 2009 Top 3 Most annoying Actors/Actresses. The rules to be nominated are simple, actually there are no rules. I just happen to find these people and/or their acting to be so annoying I pretty much refuse to watch anything with their names connected to it. Here they are in no particular order:

My first nominee is Charlie Sheen. I can't stand him because he's a spoiled little boy who rode into Hollywood on his daddy's coat-tails. I'll admit that in some of his first movies he showed potential but drugs, booze and being a brat quickly made him a sell-out. I bet his daddy's a little embarrassed by him. Especially in his current tv show "Two and a Half Men" with Charlie delivering stupid one liners as canned laughter waits for his next side splitting, witty line.
I know he's in the news now for something or other. I know know what for and frankly I don't really care. I just think this adds to my dislike of him as a person and makes it a lot easier for me not to see any of his ridiculous movies.

My second nominee is Ralph Macchio. This karate kid drives me nuts. Every time I see any of the Karate Kid movies I pray that this version might be the one that he dies in the first 2 minutes. I can't believe anyone can be a stupid as he can and still survive. Mr. Macchio delivers the stupidity of the character with such ease, I suspect it's not him acting. In fact there are a few parts where acting was required but I believe not only was the balled dropped, I don't think Ralph Macchio ever even saw the ball.
Though he looks fabulous with those skinny little arms and his tight pants, I'm afraid he can't use his looks to get out off my list.

My third nominee is Kirsten Dunst. I think she's really cute (I'd kill for those thighs, seriously, kill for them) but no matter how cute you are or how hot you bod is, there are times that you have to actually act. Don't get me wrong, she's got one character down pat but the revolutionary idea that there are different characters in different movies hasn't made it to her door yet.
She's young so maybe she'll figure it out...someday...nah, probably not.

And the winner of Haley's Top 3 Most Annoying Actors/Actresses is....(drum roll)....

Ralph Macchio

At the risk of my marriage (Nate is a huge
Karate Kid fan, he's blinded and won't hear me say anything bad about Ralphie) I'd like to present Ralph Macchio this special award:
This seemed to be the perfect trophy for how I truly feel.

I do want to end on a good note so I'd like to name three of my favorite actors:

George Clooney
Favorite Role: Ulysses Everett McGill in O Brother Where Art Thou?

Will Patton
Favorite Role: Coach Bill Yoast in Remember the Titans
(I like him in every role I've seen him in)

Sean Bean

Favorite Role: Borimir in Lord of the Rings

Well folks that's it. Thanks for attending the awards and I look forward to seeing you all next year.

George, stop showing off. Don't make Ralphie come karate chop your cute booty!


Ali said...

Those Judd's LOOOOVE Pony Boy!! I'm surprised you are even allowed to speak ill of him in your house!

I for one agree with the Charlie Sheen thing. Seriously, why is his show still on the air? Does anyone actually watch it? I've never met anyone who does.

I think that your trophy is warranted and completely appropriate. Too bad the horse isn't pooping. I think that would be taking it right up to the level where I rank Charlie Sheen

hil said...

Silly Ali. he did not play Pony Boy; that was C. Thomas Howell. Mister Macchio played Johnny Cade. And he did a perfect job. so perfect a job that i think my love Haley has not seen that movie. if she had, she could surely overlook Daniel-San's irritating attitude. I absolutely agree about Charlie SHeen. i hate that guy and his character and that show. though he did show promise in Red Dawn. And his bother Emilio did a great job with Ralphie in The Outsiders. did you know that S.E. Hinton has a cameo in that movie? and Haley, i love miss Kirsten! okay, okay. she's a pretty unimpressive actress. maybe i just can't see past that perfect body or her ability to date and then dump Jake Gyllenhaal. i would like to submit a grievance or an appeal to this contest's comittee. surely Charlie Sheen has less merit than does Ralph Machio. give the kid a break; it is amazing that he even got anywhere with his unfortunate appearance and a name like "Ralph."

Colleen Marie said...

Haley, I love when you post. You're so funny. Did you get a chance to catch up with the family this break?

Jocelyn said...

My least favorite actress is Uma Thurman. She's popular as if she's some bombshell, but I don't think she's pretty at all. In fact, I wish they'd put a bag over her head for most of her movies. Accidental Husband certainly would have been better with a different actress. I just don't get what people see in her. Besides, what kind of name is Uma? How can you get anywhere in this world with a name like Uma? The name doesn't scream, "romantic comedy," to me.