Thursday, April 29, 2010

There's always money in sod

One of Nate and my goals in life is to be financially independent. Naturally, who wouldn't want to be? I know, right?
Through our short years together we've talked about ways that we can accomplish this goal. I'm all about the movie star/singer route. You don't really need any talent, look at Miley Syrus and she's filthy rich. Of course that's not going to make me financially independent. I'll still have to work for my money...

One day when my brain wasn't turned on to it's brightest setting I suggested to Nate that we raise and sell sod. "There's good money in sod." I explained to my city-boy husband*. That was my brilliant idea, pure and simple.

Nate looked at me like I was crazy. He eyed the big diesel truck hauling a huge trailer full of sod, waiting the stop light next to us. I admit that that is where my idea came from. I'm not an original thinker.

Then Nate asked me the question that made me the fool. "So what land are we going to use to grow all this fortune making sod on?" I thought for a moment of our little rental house with it's 10 square feet of lawn out front. Even if our landlords ok'd us digging up the lawn, I doubt we'd get much out of it.
Nate had successfully, in .2 seconds, destroyed my dreams of a multi-billion dollar sod empire.

Now every once in awhile, Nate will send me a text such as "I just saw a huge trailer full of sod...and not one person guarding it..."

Dear Nate,
I haven't heard any of your brilliant ideas yet for becoming wealthy.
(crickets chirp)
What? Still no ideas?
Ok then. You let me have my big dreams...(mumbles under breath "big jerk")

*It's not like I knew anything about sod. How much does it cost? Don't know. How long does it take to grow? Umm, don't know. What kind of grass do you grow?
I really should have thought this idea through a little m
ore. It would have saved me a little humiliation.


Colleen Marie said...

You and my dad should hang out. He is forever trying to think of ways for me to make a million dollars off this island before I leave. And no, working for 20 years is not going to cut it. His ideas so far:

-Put up a cell tower

-Fountain drinks (out of my house)

-Accept bribes for grades

-Sublet the extra bedroom

Okay, enough from me.

Anonymous said...

To tell the truth, I didn't know what sod was. I blame that on living in the DESERT for 26 years.

Athena said...

everyone starts small, so less then a 1/4 of an acre could grow

hil said...

i would TOTALLY buy your sod. and all i require is that it be green grass, so your idea sounds good to me!