Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I will survive...I mean, I did survive

Well my blogging BFF's I did it. I survived girls camps with only a 12 bruises on my legs (for real, I counted them), two sunburned arms, one sunburned nose and a pair of thighs in so much pain I cry when I have to sit on the toilet.

Our theme was "Army Strong" and our first day began with me getting to play drill sergeant at "bootcamp"I was very scary, in fact with that helmet I can be anything I want to be like a princess or a mermaid. The possibilities are endless.

I divided the group into three teams: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The team that had the most points at the end of the bootcamp didn't have to help clean up dinner.

This is our landmine game (idea courtesy of Nate). We filled paper plates up with shaving cream, set them out randomly, then blindfolded the girls and made them walk barefoot. The person with the best time won. If anyone stepped on a landmine, 3 seconds were added to their time.

They made me play too, you can see that I was awesome. No need to divulge how many 3 second penalties I recieved.
Tug-o-war between the teams. Bravo (my team) won, but it was a hard earned win, those girls were strong.

The good news is that everyone survived bootcamp. We also had a waterballoon toss with grenade looking waterballoons, three-legged race, a water relay and there was the occasional girl that gave me a little lip so I made her "DROP AND GIVE ME 20!"
I know they look like they're preparing to go to battle but really their just getting ready to perform skits.
The leaders "Scared Straight" skit. I have no idea what I was doing.Louisa and I outside our nasty bathrooms.Some of the ladies shaving their legs. Everyone knows bears hate hairy legs.
I convinced some of the girls to take a bath in the creek with me. The rare Brassiere Tree, only found in Heber Valley
Does it look like the water was that cold?

We had a real Major from the army talk to us about being "strong and of good courage."
Our homemade mason jar lanterns.

We made blocks (Hils' idea) for our other craft project. I forgot to get pictures of the girls with theirs.

This, my friends, is why my thighs are killing me. This game is called "Hit the deck" and I was very good at it. I put my heart, soul and thighs in to every moment.
And this, is why most of the girls went home with bruises. I have no loyalties when it comes to worthless games. This part of the game is called "two men in a boat." I was one of those two men, my dear blogging BFF's.
Here's all my cute girls practicing a skit.

We all had a great time minus the propane stove catching on fire and singeing a few eyebrows. And the pineapple upside down cake burning (I maintain that was not my fault). And the fact that we didn't have showers.
But that's what camping is all about.


Athena said...

It looks like you all had alot of fun, but to be honest with you, I might have to change your nickname from General to Private Judd. you are just not scary enough. Love you

Curried Cupcakes said...

HA! I just came back from girls camp too! No bruises or sunburns though. You gals look like you had a blast!

hil said...

i love those blocks and you in a helmet! those girls are really lucky to have you for a leader.