Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nipples and Boots

I have recently been told that I have perfect nipples (by a professional lactose consultant). Yes my blogging BFF's, it's true. I'm going to pause for a moment and let you put that image in your mental pipe and smoke it for a minute....................................
I'd never thought about nipples before but when you have a crying, whining baby it sure is a nice weapon to pull out of the mommy arsenal, and I use this weapon often. Don't judge me.

I suppose I should officially announce the arrival of my chubby little baby girl. To make a long story short, after many blurry hours in labor (at which point I did yell at Nate, but he deserved it), and an awesome epidural, my little Bootsy arrived at 8 lbs 8 oz.

Let me tell you about my girl...she likes to cry. She's a big cry baby, literally. She has red/auburn hair, big chunky cheeks, a perfect little doll mouth, long fingers and she looks like a little mini-me. Seriously, this kid doesn't look like Nate at all. I didn't realize my genes were so powerful. I AM ALL POWERFUL!!!! Whoops, did I say that out loud?

Nate says she looks like my dad. I think she looks like my brother.  Either of those are awesome images for me as I look down at her face while she's breastfeeding.

We've already had our first onesie casualty, a moment of silence please. Who came up with the idea of white onesies anyway?

And so I present "The Arrival of Boots":

Week 40, the night I went into labor (and didn't know it)
I'd like to thank Nate for this photo
First time holding my baby (I wasn't able to hold her in the hospital, long story)
Chunky little nakey baby
Wearing her little wife-beater onsie
My little red-headed sweetheart
And so now Nate and I have taken the next step in our life. No more will we be able to watch a complete movie in one sitting. No more sleeping...at all. I've already been pooped on and I didn't throw up. Nate is awesome, especially at night. He is up with Boots more than I am. This baby girl has her daddy wrapped around her cute little finger.

Don't you just want to squeeze those chunky little cheeks? No touchy! Those are mine! And I squeeze them ALL the time


Leslie Anne said...

Bootsie is adorable. Those Smith genes are strong. Tell Nate his genes will be more obvious as she ages. Congratulations you guys!!!

Jocelyn said...

Oh! I am so loving the pictures! And the fact that she exists on your blog now! I'm so glad nursing is going well for you. (I always knew you were perfect.)

Ali said...

I called Hil yesterday to ask a question, and I didn't ask her ANYTHING about her. And one thing I was going to ask was, "Did Haley have her baby? I am dying to know!" But like I said, I didn't ask her. Because I am a horrible person.

I am soo SOO excited for you. I love chubby cheeks. I was so concerned that I might actually bite the flesh of my daughter, her cheeks were so soft and smooth. Like a warm summer peach. So I know exactly how much you are in love with them.

And I applaud you and your nipples. (A strange thing to applaud for sure, but I do!) I am the worst lactation consultant because breastfeeding comes really easy to me. I don't have any helpful hints or strategies (not like you were thinking of asking.) I would be that consultant that stands around and says "JUST DO IT ALREADY! What is wrong with you? Just put it on your boob and it will suck. Seriously, why are you making this so hard on yourself. Sheesh!" (Clearly, I missed my calling)

Again, I am so happy for you. I want to know why you couldn't hold her in the hospital. Will that story come forth? Or will I just have to ask Hil? :) YEAH FOR YOU! YEAH FOR NATE!

Tia said...

Congratulations! What a darling little girl you have.

Gayle said...

So Happy for you. Congratulations on the little bundle. You will be a great mom.

Leslie Anne said...

When you black out Nate's face like that he looks like a ninja.

hil said...

so, so beautiful. your baby, not your nipples. though those are apparently nothing to sneeze at :). i love that little baby's face and i can't wait to see her! (and you/Nate, of course, but as you now know, the parents are mere afterthoughts).