Thursday, August 2, 2012

The best way to promote abstinence....pregnancy!

The best way to promote abstinence is pregnancy. A truer statement has never been said. I know this from personal experience...oh, that's right I haven't shared that little secret to my blogging world. After many years of marriage and a little heartbreak, Nate and I are excited to announce that we are expecting our own little crying machine.

Our nickname for the baby is Boots. Boots is due today...but apparently didn't get the memo. So now we're playing the waiting game. It might be awhile, I still have a baby bum shoved up in my ribs and a little sharp baby heel sticking out of my side. Let me tell you that spicy food, walking or pineapple don't really help. Wait, let me be a little more specific. Pineapple doesn't help start labor, it's awesome for a night of clearing the bowels. I'm also going to add that pineapple is VERY acidic. Enough on that subject.
Baby Boots: Thunder Cat or Whoo from Whooville?
15 Weeks: Fighting back horrible morning sickness.

37 Weeks: Setting up for baby
39 Weeks: Really, Boots? I don't think my belly can take much more.
Video of Boots dancing (the biggest movements are around 21 seconds)

People keep staring at my belly and I hear the occasional "Wow, she is big."  I am fortunate that the only thing that has really grown is my belly, that's not to say that my chicken thighs haven't become turkey thighs.

Anyway, I figure that's enough of a news for now. I'll keep you updated as things happen. You're more than welcome to guess the date of arrival.


Leslie Anne said...

AWW I remember watching the babies in my belly move. That is really sweet that you caught it on video. I bet you she makes her arrival sometime this week. She just wants to be fashionably late. I for one am glad for the delay because this auntie needs to get her rear in gear and ship out a gift for you guys. P.S. would you like a baby sling?

Athena said...

Haley, everyone at may work is waiting for the new trouble maker.

Anonymous said...

It is a funny feeling to feel a little body moving around. It may feel like they are traveling on a boat and the waves are wild and wooley.

She will come on my BD ---Only 1 more week to go---hahahahahaha---
Boots, you already have your mom on the run!!!!!

Tia said...

Congrats! You look so cute. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

haley, when are you due?

Campbell said...

Aaw you looks so cute all pregnant!!! :D Can't wait to see pictures of the sweet little one. Keep us updated! :D

Gayle said...

Congratulations on the pending arrival of Boots. Hope all goes well. Looking forward to more pictures of your sweet baby.