Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A funny thing happened at the grocery store

Nate went to the grocery store this morning to satisfy his needs (mt. dew and chocolate) he decided to buy me a rose to make me feel better (isn't he sweet...). As he was standing in line there were two people behind him, a
girl with flowers and a black guy.
The guy looked at Nate and the girl and asked if it was Mother's Day or something. The girl said she was buying the flowers for a friends birthday then said that Nate was buying them because he was probably in trouble. Then the guy said to Nate "She's right isn't she, you're in trouble. You didn't come home last night did you?"

I am officially in the top "100 World's Least Graceful People." On Tuesday I was at work, walking down the hallway and I turned a corner and started slipping. It was all in slow motion because I was thinking to myself "Don't put your arm down to catch yourself or you'll get hurt." I obviously listen to myself as well as I listen to my mother as I have spent the last two days high on drugs. Yes, I put my arm out and yes, I did land on it and hurt myself. It's so embarrassing because everyone asks what I tripped on and I have to say "nothing." I was trying to come up with a really good reason; "I saved a baby from a runaway horse" or "I was hit by a train" but for some reason, I don't think anyone would believe me.
I called Nate when it happened and he told me to stop being a baby. Apparently I get a little dramatic at home when I smash my elbow on the frig or stub my toe on the bedpost and say that they're broken. So, he didn't believe that I was really hurt. The x-rays don't show that anything is broken but my elbow doesn't look like an elbow, it looks like a knee. I go back to the doctor tomorrow to see if there is any soft tissue damage. Nate's a good little nurse, he wraps my arm and gives my sponge baths (just kidding) but he's been so good to me, I need to get hurt more often.


Cindy Judd said...

One time the oven caught fire. Not something on the bottom of the oven. The actual oven. I hollered for Bob to come quickly and no response. Bob, Bob, the oven is on fire!!!No response. In my panic I recall that baking soda puts out fire and frantically start searching for it (through the black cloud developing in the kitchen)I find it by some miracle and put the fire out. I go find Bob who is watching television in our room not 20 feet away. I say "Didn't you hear me? The oven was on fire". He heard me but just didn't think it was serious enough to come check it out!!When I was in labor with Nate he told me to stop acting like a baby. So I don't see you getting a lot of sympathy from a Judd man. Although,Nate might be the one to get it from. He's had a lot of life's crazy little experiences. I hope your elbow is better. I am sorry you got hurt.

gigi said...

So sorry about your fall. I'm begining to think this has been one bad long week for you. You deserve a wonderful weekend! Try and take it easy.