Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"I like life, life likes me..."

Loving life right now, guess who was released from primary... Yes, I'm sad but I'm also very (probably too) glad. I believe that callings in church are to teach us, apparently I'm a slow learner.
Let me tell you my thoughts about calling a 6 month married, doesn't have any kids, 24 year old to be primary president. In fact my first words to my bishop (I'm not joking) were "Are you drunk?"
As in any calling, I felt so inadequate. I'd baby-sat a few times in my teen-life but that was ages ago. What did I know about teaching kids the gospel? My lessons, my leadership would would be the foundation on which these kids would build their testimonies. Was my ward in that desperate need? I guess so. I've never cried more or prayed more. I must admit that when it was announced in sacrament meeting that I was released, I did tear up a little bit and now...I wait to see what my new calling will be...


hil said...

hooray! congratulations on your release. that sounds a little jacked, but seriously---that isn't just ANY primary. i'm glad for you because you worked hard and served well and that's the most the Lord asks of you. see Haley, the trick is to be just apostate enough that you are able to get your temple recommend, but avoid such weighty callings. on the other hand, if you step over the too apostate line, you end up a primary worker, like me. how's that for a bad attitude!?! it's the reason Darby is an only child. no birth control is so effective as is a class full of ctr 6's. i love your guts.

gigi said...

Yea!!! I know that the children are so sad.