Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For Gigi

I can't bare for Gigi to suffer they way she is, so, I'll close the poll and announce our life changing news...
First of all, whoever voted that Nate was trading me in for a newer model, you are wrong. I've told him he could try to find someone to replace me with but he be sorely disappointed plus, I don't know if anyone would take him as ornery as he is.
Second, we're not pregnant. It won't be long though, I just turned 27 and Nate's going to be 31 this year. We're getting old so be patient my friends, I've just barely been able to get Nate to agree to be in the same hospital as me when we finally have a kid so we are making progress.
Third, the only place in Salt Lake that we would be able to afford a house would be in the ghetto and since we pretty much live there right now, we're not looking to downgrade.
So......that means, we are moving to New York. We're leaving our secure jobs, school, friends and my family. Moving to the cold, snowy and yet beautiful area of upstate New York.
I am so excited and so scared. Excited because I get to be around Nate's family. I kind of like them so it will be great to get to know them better. Scared because as of now, neither of us has jobs. I'll be setting up a "Support Haley and Nate (they don't have jobs) Fund" at Key Bank please feel free to do your part and submit donations to a good cause.
I know what you're thinking, we're crazy...it's true, we are but sometimes you've just got to be CCCRRRAAAZZYYYY!!!!!
(I have a crazy headache, I'm going to bed) Peace out!


gigi said...

Oh thank you for appeasing me! You're the best. I think that is wonderful!! You'll be closer to me :) When do you plan to slpit the sheets?? Before all the snow I hope. I've been wanting to go north next spring so maybe if you're still there and have thawed out I'll get to meet you. If you go before Amanda's birthday in Oct. maybe you and Nate and Aramie could join her for her birthday New York style. That would be just to much fun! Hope your headache is better.

Jocelyn said...

Nate is in BIG trouble. I don't think I'm speaking to him anymore.

I think you got your west and east confused.

Get away from me. Go!!!!! (butt slap)

Amanda said...

Maybe you'll move in time to come see me in the city in October!!