Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Ewoks vs. The Beastmaster

For my birthday I thought it would be fun to rent the Ewok movie (a spin off of Star Wars) which I remember watching as a kid. Logan and Marshall spent the night with Nate and I.

I'm sure it's happened to everyone, the movie you loved as a kid becomes one of the worst acting, most horrible special effects and sooo not the movie you remember. I'll tell you what, if you've seen the Ewok movies you'll know what I mean, I would have killed the brother off in about 2 seconds flat. I might have had a crush on him in my youth but his dead body would be fertilizing my vegetable garden if things would have worked out between us.
Inspired by the Ewok movie, Nate decided that it would be fun to get a movie that he watched as a kid. Do the following pictures bring back memories to anyone?

Don't be fooled by that rockhard body and face only a mother (a blind mother) could love, this movie has corrupted innocent children since the 80's.
It brought back memories to Nate, up until the part where we saw two bare bums, three sets of booby's and an unconfirmed glimpse of a young lady's know...
Nate acted pretty shocked, he said he probably would have remembered seeing all that fun stuff as a kid, but he claims to have seen an edited version. I tend to believe him since I know his mamma wouldn't have let her sweet little Nate be corrupted by the temptations of the flesh.
Needless to say, neither of our movies turned out to be what we remembered them to be.


gigi said...

"his dead body would be fertilizing my vegetable garden"

This reminded me of something! My FIL rented his old trashy trailer to some people who murdered a family member and buried the body underneath the tomaotes in the back yard of the place they had lived before they moved to his trailer!! For real! They were living in his place when they were arrested for murder. The grandmother and the two grandchildren (a boy and a girl) did it. The reason they did it was because grandpa beat the living tar out of all of them. We watched the trial on Court TV and they all got time in the joint! This was about 10 years ago.
Sorry the movies were the pits. But thanks for the morbid memories :)

Amanda said...

Have you ever seen 'Cloak and Dagger'? I think I would be really sad to watch it today.