Monday, November 17, 2008

Cowboy Boots and her brother-in-law, Aaron

This is my brother-in-law, Aaron (with my niece Kacey).
I like the kid, he's the strong silent type but he's got a cutting wit so I need to remember never to get on his bad side because he would eat me alive.

After Nate and I had been married about a year, Aaron moved in with us. I enjoyed the time he lived with us, he kept to himself sleeping on a futon in our living room, keeping Nate company when Nate slept out on the couch. Between being married to Nate, Aaron living with us, and the technological blessing of web cams with Dustin on the other end, I have seen every male pair of Judd cheeks (except big Bob Judd's; but don't worry, we still have many years together).
One bright morning I left for work for the day. Nate and Aaron weren't working that day so they had the house to themselves. Of course their plans for the day included cleaning the carpets and scrubbing the tub, along with doing laundry and having dinner ready for me when I arrived home...
Nate was in our bedroom on the computer. The day was beautiful so he opened the blinds to let the sunshine in. We have huge windows in our place, they're great except for the equation: big window+ winter = gas is a beast.
Anyway, back to the sunny light filtering into our bedroom. Nate was focusing on the computer when he heard his little brother walk into the bedroom. Nate didn't turn around and Aaron didn't say anything for a few moments. Finally Aaron said "So, what are we going to do today?" Nate turned to answer Aaron. Nate found himself looking at Aaron. Aaron was looking at himself in the mirror. Aaron was looking at himself in the mirror flexing his muscles. Aaron looking at himself in the mirror, flexing his muscles,wearing nothing but whitey-tightey's. Aaron looking at himself in the mirror, flexing his muscles, wearing nothing but whitey-tightey's that he had skillfully tucked up between his two little cheekies to create a whitey-tighty thong.
I know, I know, I have the same mental image. Believe me it won't go away too soon.

As Aaron made eye contact at Nate and innocently asked "What?", they both heard a sound outside the big window. Aaron's eyes got big as he stood face to whitey-tighty face with the next door neighbor, with his tattoos, piercing and braided beard, who was unlocking his door to get into his apartment. There wasn't anywhere to hide, and if there was, the neighbor had gotten an eyeful anyway.
Aaron turned to Nate and said "Your neighbor just saw me through the window, I don't think he appreciated what he saw."
Nate said "You mean my gay neighbor? Oh, I'm sure he defiantly appreciated what he saw."

Miss you Aaron, do you miss me? Even a little bit?


Amanda said...

It seems like Nates brothers should still be little boys. How funny to see them all grown up. Now, I feel OLD!

gigi said...

Little Aaron with a beard like that? Wow, those Judd's never cease to entertain!!!!

Ali said...

I will forever lament that I didn't marry into the Judds. Now I don't get to experience stories like this; I just have to experience them second hand.

Did he clench and re-clench his cheeks when he noticed he had and audience? Or do a little right cheeks says hello to left cheek jiggle? See, I'm sad I missed out on it. I guess I'll just have to re-create it in my mind

gigi said...

BTW, I love that picture of him and Kacey!

hil said...

Aaron is the funniest person in the world. i keep begging him to come live with me, but he won't do it. i'm the nerdy sister and he's too cool for me. i love when someone says something stupid and Aaron just does the blank stare with many, many blinks. i miss that!