Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Logan!!!

I remember twenty years ago today, my dad waking my brothers and I up really early in the morning because my mom was in labor with my baby sister.
We think, but have no scientific proof, that my mom went into early labor with Logan because the night before she had had to load and unload three fat little kids (dressed like a clown, Dracula and ranger) from the truck as we went trick-or-treating. I'm glad it happened. I'd been waiting for a little sister for a good 3 years so it was about time.
I remember my mom was dressed in scrubs and holding her belly. My brothers and I were shipped off to a family friend. We still had to go to school.
The next thing we knew, there was Logan. Crying and demanding all our mamma's attention. I thought about sending Logan back but I hadn't kept my receipt. So that dark haired baby became a member of the family; destined to drive me nuts and beat me up once she grew bigger than me.



gigi said...

What a beautiful baby sister you have. Happy Birthday Logan!

hil said...

Happy Birthday Logan! what a good sister you are. i heard that the cake you made for her was awesome. Nate was really impressed and even tried to send me a picture of it. you are so talented.

The Cinderella Life said...

Happy Birthday,Logan. You are lucky to have Haley for your sister!I love the photos.