Monday, November 3, 2008

Haley's secret passion

Well my blogging friends, I'd like to share with you my secret passion. Now keep in mind that I have a good heart but sometimes your heart doesn't count for squat when it comes to natural talent.
Over the last few months, I've become increasingly interested in cake decorating. It's hard because all my aunts are talented in the art of cooking, baking and crafts so cake decorating is something they could do without breaking a sweat. I, on the other hand am trying to perfect the art. You can ask Nate since he's the one that usually ends up doing the dishes when I'm done messing around (thanks babe, I appreciate it).
Anyway, with my sisters birthday last Saturday, I decided to make her a b-day cake. I had the most beautiful idea in mind. It would be a modern two layer cake with black fondant and pink accessories. Oh wait, Logan doesn't like I went to plan B and made her the cake below:
She has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with the Ninja Turtles but I couldn't help it. Natey-Poo was even impressed. The only problem was that Logan liked it so much, she wouldn't let us cut it so she didn't have any birthday cake to eat for her b-day.

We had a family party yesterday (Sunday) to celebrate the November b-days in the family. My grandma asked me to make the cake. I was so stinkin' nervous because like I said before, my aunt's are so talented in all the baking/decorating departments. I ended up trying to keep it simple, it was just a made from scratch chocolate cake with homemade icing. It turned out pretty good. Nate gave me a few thoughts and suggestions which I think helped a lot in the outcome of the cake. Below is my masterpiece and one day when I have a kitchen aid (hint, hint Nate...) mixer, I will become the best cake decorator in the land....maybe...:

If you can't tell, it's trees with leaves turning colors and falling to the ground. I tried to keep it simple and "artsy."
Anyway, now you know my secret.


ISO (In search of) said...

Impressive! I've only made one from scratch cake in my life. It as about 15 years ago for my son's b-day. He wanted a Mortal Combat cake. I made the cake and the first layer of frosting and a friend did the MC symbol. The cake looked awesome but tasted like corn bread. Can I just say Betty Crocker and I are great friends. Keep up the good work!

The Cinderella Life said...

Awesome cakes!!! So talented. You are too hard on yourself. You need to remember that your aunts have had years and years of practice.

Campbell said...

Haley!!! You are really good. I love both cakes. I didn't know you had a secret cake decorating talent!!!! And you wanted to take a class....what for?! You're awesome.

gigi said...

These are awesome! I'm to proud of you, tht tree cake and leave is the bomb! I bake a lot but I have never used fondant. I guess I'm scared. But you really do have a great talent. Now it isn't a secret any more. Yea!

hil said...

beautiful cakes, Haley. now i know what you are doing for thanksgiving at my house this year (other than the turkey dream team, of course).

Amanda said...

Those cakes look great. You did a fabo job. That's some real natural talent. I could take classes all day long and still wouldn't be able to do that.

echoeve said...

I love the way the tree cake turned out. It is very ummm.. grown up.

the turtle I am sure would be a hit anywhere there are children or adults who grew up in the 80s