Monday, November 24, 2008

Harvey, getting cuter. This kid might have a chance...

He looks like a little monster with his head of wild hair. But he's a cute little montser. Look at that little booty, I don't know if that's the diaper or if my brother has passed his generous rear end to his son...nice Captain, real nice!

I think he looks like he's ready to growl
like a scared kitten. Look! His hair is
already bristled out. Grrrrr, hiss!


gigi said...

First, I want to say he is just to cute! I love the wild hair look. If they used a little gel in it he would have 'a smokin hot mohawk'!

Second, I want to tell you that I really appreciate you coming to my blog everyday and commenting. I feel like you are one of my good friends even though we've never met. And I miss it when I don't hear from you.

I'm actually sitting in a public library in Macon, MO. I came as the caregiver to the hunting husband. They planned this trip and have been paying on it since last year. I tried my best to cancel it for him more than once. I feel so blessed that he was healthy enough to come and to hunt. It's cold as crap for us warmblooded GA. folks but they are having a great time. I so hope he gets something today so we can head home before Thanksgiving. Trav got an 11 point yesterday morning. Go check it out. You can get to it from my blog, "Trav" or I know he would appreciate a comment.

I posted my blog ahead for the days I would be gone so it would look as if we were still home. I never know who's reading and I didn't want any local person to come rip off our house while we were gone. I'll blog about our trip when we get home. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Love ya.

gigi said...

How was your Thanksgiving?