Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Harvey update

Here's a couple pictures of Harvey after five days...he looks so much like my brother.

I can't believe my ornery brother has a kid. I found a little sweater with a horse on it that says "Mommy's Little Cowboy." I bought it, it's pretty cute.


Aramie Randall said...

So cute! I miss having a little baby so much. I have to Harvey a family name? Please tell me it is.
My problem is that even if I haven't used it in a year, I am convinced that the minute I toss it I will discover how desperately I need it! I am also a huge collector of junk. I just bought a great big 1950's baby carriage, and it barely fits in my room but I HAD to have it.
Nate told me about your fight on Sunday. Throwing the jar into the sink was AWESOME. I want to bow at your feet and worship you! You are what I aspire to be! You, and Erin Brickavich.

gigi said...

I just love new born babies! Thanks for sharing these precious pictures.

Rabidparadise said...

Oh my GOSH! His hair!!! That skin!! ohhh, that almost literally HURTS! He's absolutely perfect!

Jocelyn said...

He really is a cutie. Shame on you for calling him ugly! I agree, he looks like Captain.

Amanda said...

This is going to sound creepy but I wish I could smell him. Newborns have that wonderful clean smell. HE is very cute and you were so, so wrong.