Monday, December 29, 2008

Ever wondered how far a cowboy boot will fit in your mouth?? Well, I know...

The Friday before Christmas we had a terrible snow storm, so terrible that the University (where I work) shut down and sent everyone home. YEAHHHH!!! I take the local train to work and had planned on taking it to my home sweet home.
I received a nice call from a girl named Tiffany, who I work with who offered to give me a ride home since she had 4-wheel drive. I gladly accepted and excitedly jumped in the car ready to go home and curl up with a warm corn bag and a blankie.
Tiffany and I talked as we drove through the snow and slippery rodes. I told her that I liked her car and especially liked the 4-wheel drive feature. She mentioned that they had bought the car the previous winter because her husband had a mustang that didn't do well in the snow and she had a Nissan Maxima that was a stick and her husband couldn't drive a stick. She had to drive him to work, pick him up, run any errands, all this with a brand new baby.
I laughed about her husband not being able to drive a stick.
"Ahhh, what's the matter, your hubby never learned to drive a stick? What a city boy." I laughed again, thinking I was so hilarious. I'll make fun of anyone that can't drive a stick, sorry, that's what I do.
I turned to see if Tiffany was laughing at me. My laughing died down to a nervous cackle as I saw her looking at me like I had just kicked a dog.
"My husband can't drive a stick because he only has one arm."


I, Haley Judd, pledge from this day forward, that I will no longer make fun of anyone who cannot drive a stick. Whether you never learned or only have one arm, I will never mock you again.


hil said...

horrifying. so something i would do---we are kindred spirits!

Leslie Anne said...

Hey! My dad just purchased a 4-wheel drive Jeep because his mustang doesnt like the snow. I thought he was crazy to own 2 cars for 1 person, but i guess its normal.... What does that make me then?

gigi said...

Oh my hell, I would have so died! Sorry you stepped in it. I told Harry last night that I was going to hide his scooter and he could hop one legged to get what he needed. After we quit laughing he called me cruel.

Ali said...

I laughed out loud because I AM that person. One time I was going on and on to this girl I worked with about all those stupid 18 year old girls that get married before they even know who they are and what they want with their lives.

I think you can see where this is going.

As it horrifically would turn out, the girl I was blabbing to had just turned 18 and was getting married in 2 months. AWESOME.

Do they have a cloistered club for people like us?