Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More Harvey pictures...

My brother came home from basic training on the 18th. He met his baby for the first time. Here are some pics of Captain and baby Harvey:

I don't think either of them are sure what to do

Look, Captain gets a baby and a bunny for Christmas

Harvey is beginning to take a liking to this weird bald guy.

I thought all he did was cry, he showed me.

Daddy and son on the day of Harvey's blessing.

The whole family. Leslie, Harvey, and Captain
(I think Captain pinched Harvey right before this picture was taken. I have not proof of this, it's purely speculation)

It's a baby beanbag chair

Grandpa and Harvey going to look at sheep

Harvey likes Grandpa because grandpa is soft and squishy

This jacket is so cute (I know, I sent it). It has a little horse that says "Mommy's little cowboy."


hil said...

hurray for Harvey! he is really cute. i know it was doubted by some (Haley) at first, but look at that little angel! those pictures of him looking at his daddy are precious. and that IS a cute jacket you sent!

Ali said...

I USED to think my kid had hair.

Now I see how wrong I really was.

That kid IS freaking cute. And he already loves his daddy. So cute. When can I have another one? Oh wait, I don't want another one for a long while.

Dang you and your cute baby pictures! They are putting bad baby thoughts into my brain!

gigi said...

I love these pictures. My Harrison had a head full of hair like that. When I find a picture I'll send it to ya. Those are precious pictures. You have a wonderul family. I sure hope your parents don't torture their grandchild the way they tortured you children. They might not be Harvey's favorite for very long :)

Jocelyn said...

Those pictures are so precious! Captain looks so much like your dad.

gigi said...

Wishing you and Nate a very blessed New Year! Love ya.

The Cinderella Life said...

Harvey is a beautiful boy! I knew he would grow on you. Your taste in infant clothing is superb. Captain and Harvey look so perfect together.