Thursday, January 8, 2009

3 Big Ones

Yes, my dear blogging BFF's we've done it. Nate and I have made it three years. Yesterday celebrated our anniversary in true Nate and Haley style.

Natey-poo had school and a ton of homework. Homework never sleeps, never dies and never disappears.

This cartoon is my life (except I'm not a chicken), some day I'll tell you stories.
I worked and planned on leaving early to pick up this for Nate:

It's a Mrs. Fields cookie cake and Nate's reason for living. I was going to make my own version but unfortunately, Nate's momma spoiled him and I've won the award "They don't taste like my moms" for my cookie skills. And so instead of the risk of hearing those words spew from my loves mouth, I bought the real thing. Oh, and it was gooooodddd!

Nate bought me a 40th anniversary edition of "To Kill a Mockingbird" (my all time favorite book). Look here's a picture of me already enjoying my gift.

As you can see I love this book, also my facial hair has really started to fill in too.

I bought Nate this statue from Willow Tree. He's been eyeing it every time we go into Deseret book but he's worried he'll look gay if he buys it. So I bought it for him.

I think it's very fitting, it's called "Quest". No Nate, no one thinks your gay.

We ate Cracker Barrel for dinner (I love Cracker Barrel, if you haven't had it, come visit me in SL and I'll introduce you) and watched "The Family Stone."

I know, I know, we're not really that exciting. But that's us, non-exciting, Cracker Barrel eating fools.
Happy Anniversary Nate! I love you! xoxoxo


Amanda said...

Those men are always afraid of someone questioning their sexuality aren't they?

Happy Anniversary, yall!!!

gigi said...

We use to eat at C. B. once a week but we haven't been there in months. I think that I've been cooking. I've been trying to that more often these days. But I've always love C. Barrel. It's less than 2 miles from us just under the interstate. Love that statue and the book is awesome. Great gifts and Congrats on the last 3 years.

Ali said...

That sounds like an AWESOME anniversary!! I wish my anniversaries were that cool. . .and involved Cracker Barrel and cookie cakes.

And what is it with guys thinking they are "gay" if they do certain things? Like if they kiss another man, they think somehow that makes them GAY. WTF?

Leslie Anne said...

Congradulations! I'm so jealouse Those cokies are awesome. (i had my first one this summer) and for the record i dont think anyone can make them taste like the store's version. People just dont own that much preservatives.

3 years is awesome. For Mine and Captain's 3 year aniversairy we went to the zoo. And then i had a pregnancy fit and started bawling when i couldnt get off the freeway to find the hotel. Hormones are crazy.

Happy Anniversary.

hil said...

i love that picture of you reading your book; you haven't changed a bit. happy anniversary!

Rabidparadise said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Nate & Haley!!! Congrats! My Mom collects Willow Tree figures, I love hunting them down for her!