Monday, January 12, 2009

The Smith Kids

My sister-in-law, Leslie, posted these pictures on her Facebook. I was looking at them, thinking how crazy those kids were. And then I began to envy them. Where was I in this game of life vs death? Did they think of me at all as they hung on for dear life? Did they wish I was there so that they could tell me one last time how much the loved me?
No, it's not a rebel group of Alaskian terrorist. You can see Marshall with his chubby cheeks...An artistic view of death-defying acts. Notice Marshall is on top of the pile.
...and that's my dad's truck, pulling them on an inner tube. You can see it's kind of a "each man for himself" activity. It doesn't really matter if your riding on an inner tube or a sibling, just as long as there's something between your cheekies and the ice.Look at those cute mugs, those are smiles of pure joy and contentment. Except for Logan's face (on the left), not sure what's going on with that. I guess that's the face she'll make if she ever gets high. Oh, and Captain's face (on the right), don't know if I'd call that joy and contentment maybe constipation? Maybe Marshall (center) is the only one that had a good time. Apparently he was the one on the top of the sledding pile, of course he was, he's the smartest out of all of us.


gigi said...

I see that they left you out!!! Shame on them! Don't they know that you'd be the first to sign up to break your arm?? I use to do things like this in college. I went to Ricks, when it was Ricks. A young thing staright out of Florida and never seen snow before hit Rexburg on the coldest and snowiest winter in history! Pure HELL and fun wrapped up into one helluva year! Wouldn't trade the memories and good times for nothing! But still don't really miss that weather.

The Escapades of No Magic Marshall said...

First Winter after my mission. It was cold. And who would not want to body sled. I must admit it was almost like floating on a cloud. lol Almost.

Logan is a little bumpy though. I wonder why?

The Cinderella Life said...

How could they have such fun without the "queen of fun" herself. Selfish lot!:) Where were you ?
Happy 3rd anniversary,my dear.
I love you.

Rabidparadise said...

How dare they not invite you? In retaliation, I hope you sipped hot cocoa from a warm recliner and locked the door so they had to beg forgiveness before entering. Or, at least threw a snowball at them while they slept that night. Anything! XOXO!

Athena said...

To start haley does not like snow, when ever we tryed to get her to go outside she would say no. Plus she was in utah at this time.

Athena said...

Yes Marshall was on top because he would push us off and some how he would get the middle. got to love him.