Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We have a Wiener, I mean Winner!!

This person brought the first grandson into the Smith family. She's a sewing maniac with her own unique sense of style. She's good to my brother (which takes the patience of a saint).

Logan says "The wiener, I mean winner is.....Leslie Smith!!"

Congrats Leslie!!!


Ali said...

I think the decision was rigged.



Washington Cowgirl said...

Blame it on Nate, he's the one that picked the name out of the hat. I don't think he was in Florida when he chose the name...

Ali said...

I WILL blame it on Nate.

I was planning on doing that anyway, but now I have permission from you.


gigi said...

Congratulations to the sister in law! Does it seem funny that a member of your family won your last contest??? Alright Nate, could you lean a little south next time.