Friday, January 30, 2009

Heaven knows I don't have much room to talk about fashion, but I've been having a really hard time with a certain trend in jeans that seems to be sweeping the country and causing almost as much destruction as this economic recession...the skinny jean. Let me show you a few exhibits and you tell me if I'm wrong. I've been wrong before, but I do believe that I can convince you that skinny jeans are one of the worst fashion boo-boo's (which include the mullet and Vanilla Ice in general):

("This doesn't look too horrible." You think to yourself
"Sure, she's got hips like battleships but it's kind of cute")

("It's defiantly a color I would pick," You say to your kids "but I still don't see what Haley is getting so upset abou.....")

Ok, now do you see my problem? Sure, skinny jeans look good on models that have been airbrushed but here in the real world...them there are some good chil' bearin' hips!

And not one red-blooded father would want his boy walking around with a view like this. They're like man-tights "with a reinforced crotch..."

"A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips"

I rest my case. The jury finds skinny jeans guilty of indecent exposure and the reason the world thinks Americans are over weight (it's an illusion...)

Peace dogg!


Amanda said...

I think those pants are wrong even on the skinniest gal. They are just not flattering to anybody. Eeew.

Ali said...

Who wears these? Oh wait, I think the entire population of Ecuador does.

Since when does Ecuador inspire nasty American Fashions?

I promise PROMISE you that I will never wear a pair of these jeans. Or let my kids or friends wear them. So Gross

gigi said...

Friends don't let friends wear skinny leg jeans!

Prissy & Hero said...

Too true. Skinny jeans at my school only make the girls look horrible. Heaven forbid I say anything though. Oh, and the last picture is the other crime against society that I see daily. The girls are too tight, the boys are...larger in their minds than they are in real life!

hil said...

hey, where did you get that picture of me in my sweet pink pants? i think they make me look hip. and isn't that Dusty and Nate fixing that car? yeah, it's the new group called "Emo's" which is short for "Emotional." they are going to look at those pictures of themselves in a few years and say, "i've made a huge mistake."

Leslie Anne said...

After watching people walk around in only tights though... i think between the two the skinny jean is the lesser of two evils.

Athena said...

i do have to agree tight pants like those are ugly