Monday, February 2, 2009

Anti-Dimpled Hiney Challenge- Week 2

The progress of my first week of my anti-dimpled hiney challenge has been...well let's just say...cleansing. I have been drinking a lot more water. The closest bathroom stall to my office has a permanent indent that, if investigated enough, authorities would be able to trace back to my booty.
I won't go into too many details but every day, I was able to drink a little bit more water.
Monday- 1 1/2 qts
Tuesday- 2 qts
Wednesday= 2 1/2 qts
Thursday- 3 QUARTS (YEAHHHH!!!! That's how much I'm suppose to be drinking)
Friday- 2 qts

I won't tell you the exact times I had to go skipping/running/hopping crossed leg down the hall to the restroom but I'll bet my clever blogging bff's can guess which day had the most skipping/running/hopping crossed leg.

The really interesting part about my jaunts to the john is that my bladder seems to have jumped on the same schedule as some poor little student. I'm not kidding, without fail at least twice a day I hobble into the bathroom and in the second stall (she always uses the second stall) is the same pair of shoes. She always get stage fright because the second she hears the door open, I see her feet clench, then go pigeon toed and she becomes deadly silent. Not a move, not a splash, not a roll of the t.p. She is like the prey and I am the predator, if she is silent I won't know she's there. I feel bad for her so I hurry along with what I need to do (no pun intended, get your sick mind out of the gutter). As soon as I open the door to leave, I hear a sigh of relief and she resumes what she needed to do (stop it, quit being sick, I don't know how else to word it).

As for my second week of the Anti-Dimpled Hiney Challenge, those who are joining me on this adventure of health and smoothness of booty, this week, not only will I continue to drink at least 2 quarts of water (I think that's a good compromise) AND because my fruit and veggie intake is non-existent (unless I eat at Cracker Barrel in which case I order two sides of veggies: mashed potatoes and mac & cheese), not because I don't like fruits/veggies, but because I just don't think to buy them when I'm walking down the candy aisle so this week I want to eat at least two servings of fruit/veggies a day ( I know I should be eating more).
Keeping drinking that water, keeping running to the bathroom and start eating those veggies (just not avocados, those things will add dimples like no ones business).

Have a great Anti-Dimpled Hiney week!!


hil said...

what is that girl doing, all pigeon-toed (pure genius, Haley) backing out 2 grumpies a day?!! she needs a little less fiber in her diet! was it Darby, by any chance? awesome post. i love you!

Jocelyn said...

Ok. So far, you aren't pushing it, so I'll join you on this challenge, too. It's not much of a challenge. I already eat two servings of fruits or veggies a week, but I'll try to do more. I've gotten a little bit more responsible about that stuff since I've been trying to instill healthy habits in the kidlets. Maybe that's what you need to change your eating habits. . .

gigi said...

Good job! Keep up the healthy adventures.