Tuesday, March 3, 2009

100th Post Winner!!! Yeah!!!

Logan says:
"Winner, winner, winner, winner (sang to the tune of Money, Money, Money, Money).
This is exciting folks. There's been some vicious, horrible rumors that Nate has been playing favorites as he's picked 'random' numbers out of a hat. Yes, every other give-a-way some one from the Smith family has won which is a little suspicious...
Anyway, no one's pointing fingers here, so to make sure Mr. Judd doesn't get any more flack for his apparent favortism of the Smith clan we have used a random number generator. And we have a winner!!!!
This lady comes to us by way of Georgia, New York and now currently resides in Arizona.
She's one of Haley's favorite people with her quick wit and no bull attitude.
Congrats to Hillary!!!!!
( I guess this is proof that Nate was playing favorites towards the Smith family. Glad we used the random number generator).


hil said...

hooray for me! hooray for me! hooray for me! and hooray for playing favorites or the random number generator! i'd like to thank all the little people who made this possible. i'm so excited, for real! thank you Haley! could you bring me my prize in person? this is seriously the first prize i've ever won and i'm pumped!

gigi said...

Yea, I love that girl! Congratulations little mama.