Thursday, February 26, 2009

100th Post- I'm excited!!!

Well my blogging BFF's, I'm officially a blogging nerd. This is the big 100th post. I had a grand party planned, I was going to fly you all to SLC so we could party like rock-stars to celebrate. I didn't because I'm broke, but I really wanted to.
Since I can't afford to bring you all to me like I'd like to, I'm going to just celebrate with a give-a-way.
What is the prize? Well, I'll let Logan tell you...

"Hi folks, the 100th post give-a-way prize is a favorite finance book of Haley's. She's read it many times and always gets something new out of it (you would think if she really got something out of a finance book she'd be rich by now and flying all of you to SLC).
The book is "The Richest Man in Babylon" it's a really easy read and has some great pointers on basic finance ideas to help you better control your finances.
I know you think it's lame, I know I do. I would much rather win a cruise or a new car (but again, she must not be getting much out of that book).
So to enter the 100th post give-a-way, just enter or email one of your own personal money saving tips (maybe she'll listen to that...).
Contest will end Monday at 5pm."

Thanks, Logan, for your help. As always, you're beautiful. Well that's it friends, my lame give-a-way. Happy 100th Blogging to me!!


Colleen Marie said...

I believe what I said was "I will try to post on a regular basis" you're the one that assumed I meant daily. Besides, I'm not Dave Barry here. I have a real job besides the blog.

Also, how do I do pictures?

Leslie Smith said...

Spend less money than you make!
Congratz on the 100th post!

gigi said...

Wow!! I didn't know you were already at 100!! That is way cool. I'm proud of you! Congratulations!

I'm so dissapointed that you aren't flying us all in for the big party. I could use a party where I could 'party like a rock star' oh how I could use that this weekend.

* my tip: Pay a full tithing and do it first!

Athena said...

im glad haley trust me to write on her blog about a give a way.

hil said...

congrats on your 100th post. i've enjoyed each and every one of them. my tip is this (i read it in Money: An Owner's Manual. Pay your 10% to the Lord, then pay 10% to yourself (put 10% of your paycheck into savings). focus on paying down one debt (while still paying your minimums on other debts), then once that first debt (the smallest of your debts) is paid off, take what you were putting towards that debt and add it to what you were putting towards the second smallest debt until you pay that off and so forth. you went to LDSBC, didn't you? shouldn't you be rich and supporting me or something? soon enough, Haley. soon enough. come visit me (you can bring my prize when you come down). i love you!

Tiff George said...

Hi Haley- of course I remember you! I have to admit...I have been on here reading post after post for the last few minutes, and I am laughing out loud on most of them...especially your Valentines disaster. I'm sorry that happened to you guys, but I'm glad you posted about it, because it's a hilarious story! Thanks for stopping by our blog to say hi...I hope it's okay if I peek in on you every once in a while - I enjoy reading your posts!