Wednesday, March 11, 2009

2 Stories as to why I ride to work on the short bus. Plus: A bonus story from Natey-poo

-While I was on my mission I was giving a spiritual thought to a family that we'd had dinner with. I started reading one of my favorite stories about a pot that was cracked and told it's master it felt worthless because it leaked water (it's a really good story I tell you). My story was interrupted early on by the wife who asked me if the story was true. I'm embarrassed when I remember saying "I'm not sure, I think so." The spiritual mood was destroyed by my mission companion who started laughing because the story is about a talking pot, which of course it's really possible unless you live in a happy little place called "Not-so-Bright Land," I'm the president.

- About the time I was 7, I woke up one night with my stomach feeling funny. My room was in the basement with my siblings and my folks room was upstairs. As the stomach problems advanced, I realized that I was going to throw up. I felt like such a grown-up as I jumped out of bed and ran past the basement bathroom and up the stairs.
My legs sped up as I bound the stairs, ran past the upstairs bathroom and into the kitchen. I nearly didn't make it as I grabbed a big punch bowl out of the kitchen cupboard. Have mercy, I did indeed throw-up, it was not pretty.
After I finished clearing my stomach of all it's contents, I carefully (or as carefully as I could) carried the near full punch bowl to my folks bedroom to show my mom that I didn't throw up in my bed and that I'd had time to throw up in a bowl.
My mother wasn't quite as proud of me as I thought she would be about my accomplishment. I was devastated by the cruel words that fell from her lips "If you knew you were going to throw up why didn't go run to the bathroom instead of getting the bowl dirty?"
That's a really good question Mom, a very good questions.

The one of the reasons that Nate knew the gods were conspiring against him:

One afternoon after a somewhat annoying day at school perhaps followed by row with his folks, Nate stomped into his room in a foul mood. He wanted the whole family to know that he was angry and so he mustered all his strength and kicked off his right shoe as hard as he could towards the wall. The shoe hit the wall with a loud thud that made Nate smile inside, knowing that his parents had heard the noise and knew that their sweet boy was mad. The millisecond between Nate basking in his small victory and the shoe hitting the wall passed quickly as the shoe ricocheted off the wall and hit Nate squarely in the forehead.
Oh, the bitter agony that Nate suffers.


Ali said...

I LOVE THAT MISSION STORY!! I have several just like it just as embarrassing. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

As for the shoe bouncing off the wall, I bet the wall was just mad at him that he threw his shoe at it and it wanted payback.

"VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!!" It uttered and then the shoe came flying back. I'm sure that's what happened.

Gayle said...

I thought it was your companion that road the short bus. I here she drove one in Alaska. LOL Those were great times. We sure miss them. You and the other sister missionaries were the best.