Friday, March 13, 2009

My purely platonic, "grown-up" celebrity crushes

Today can I share with you my top three celebrity crushes? I know it's juvenile to have "crushes" on celebrities but it's not like my high school crush on Alex Rodriguez or I'm embarrassed to say, my obsession with N'Sync (for the young people out there N'Sync was equivalent to the Jonas Brothers back in my day).

Come on, give me a little credit. They're all pretty cute, right? This was back when we were all a little more innocent. Alex hadn't left his wife for Madonna or started using steroids. Lance wasn't gay yet and Justin wasn't a womanizing floozy (wow, I can still remember they're names, what the heck is wrong with me?).

My "grownup" celebrity crushes are mature and have nothing to do with raging teenage hormones. Now that I've matured and know there's more to a person than a pretty face, my choices are based on talent. So let's do this:

I'd like to introduce you to Britain's favorite Chef, Gordon Ramsey. If you've seen either one of his TV shows, Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmare, you might think he's a foul mouthed spoiled little boy (ok, he is foul mouthed and a little ornery) but I personally think he's brilliant. If I ever worked for him I'd cook him by specialty "Raw Meatloaf." I'm terrified of him and yet can't seem to get enough of him. He was in the audience on American Idol on Tuesday night, let me tell you that was the best of both worlds for me. Move over Simon.
I'd like to say that Gordy's command of the English language is what draws me to him but I don't know because every other word that comes out of him mouth is bleeped out due to "mature" content. That's ok, I don't care about his language, I care about his cooking.

Look at those arms, dang. And those day (sighs). This is Jillian Michaels, you might recognize her from the Biggest Loser or heck, you might even have one of her killer work-out videos. Let me tell you something, I tried one of her work-outs yesterday and it liked to have killed me. I think I made it about 5 or so minutes into the warm-up and then decided to eat some chocolate ice cream and watched the rest of the work-out sitting on my backside. But to my credit as I was sitting I would squeeze and release my cheekies the whole time, I think I should get an A for...for ice cream eating...

Ok, so we've covered cooking and fitness. I guess now I should tell you about my up and coming favorite actor. This is Jason Stratham, it's he just lovely? I mean how many men do you know who could pull off a short little hospital gown while talking on a cell phone without looking a little ridiculous? I don't know if Mr. Stratham will be winning an Oscar anytime soon (I feel like I'm betraying him, talking like that) but he played a very convincing woman's man in "Italian Job" as Handsome Rob with his British accent (what is it with me and Brits?).

Well, that's it people, break it up. Nothing too deep just another little glimpse into the crazy mind that is me.

Oh, Jason says "Hi" to everyone and wanted Nate to know that he'd better watch himself.


Ali said...

Oh man!! What is it with the British? It's like they are BEGGING us to love them. My fav British Chef is Jamie Oliver. Something about the little lisp gets me going.

I 100% approve of all your crushes. And I think I get an "A" in eating Cadbury Eggs and Butterfinger Eggs. And I'm not doing butt crunches while I do it!!

You win

hil said...

good crushes, though the girl made me feel super bad about eating taquitos and mini chimis for dinner last night. i love Chef Gordon. can you imagine the bedroom talk? "how would you like me to prepare this (insert food item here), Chef?" hahahaha! i've got a filthy mind. but i can't help it- he's british and intimidating! that's hot.

Prissy & Hero said...

You are hilarious! I had my student teacher read this entry because it made me laugh out loud during our silent read time. I'm with you on! You're forgetting wolverine though. Can't forget Huge Jackman....yummy!

The Cinderella Life said...

I get Jason but the others? I love him (Jason) in "The Italian Job".

I am sorry but I still think Brad Pitt is the best looking movie star boyfriend a person can have. Did you see the edited for television version of "Legends of the Fall", or especially the Tibet movie (can't remember it'name)?