Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Is it possible for a person to de-evolve? Before you answer this very important question let me explain why I ask it.
This is my brother, Captain.

You'll remember my Grand Canyon experience, yes, that Captain. He looks nice enough, in fact one might think that he looks very handsome in his Army uniform. I must warn you though, that uniform is just a cover-up for what he really is.
Since last time I met Captain he has become a father to Harvey. Say hello to Harvey my blogging BFF's.

How stinkin' cute is he? I almost stole him a couple of times. Unfortunately for me Leslie, his momma, knew what I had planned and wouldn't leave me alone with him.
He even stole Nate's cold, dead heart.

I digress, so, back to Captain. This last weekend my dad, Captain, Leslie and Harvey drove through on there way home to Illinois. We had some good laughs, family pictures and I tried unsuccessfully to steal Harvey. That was about the extent of their stay. Except for one thing.
See anything weird about this picture?

This would be my siblings. Left to right: Logan, Marshall, Captain, Haley

It's nice right? The first time in 7 years we've all been together.
Look, we all have matching belly's! Looks like we're all preggo, except none of us are.

Let me share another precious moment:

This picture was taken about one-millisecond after my dear sweet brother licked the side of my face. I'm not talking a little slobber, the whole side of my face could have been used to water the lawn.

And that is why I ask if a person can de-evolve. He went from a soldier in the US Army, husband and father to whoever the heck this is, Slimmer or something like that:

AND IT WASN'T THE ONLY TIME HE SLIMMED ME!! What the heck is wrong with that kid?


gigi said...

He's your brother, that's what's wrong with him :)
You are so right that Harvey is so stinkin cute! I want to steal him myself. How cool is it that yall were all together after 7 years. I'm so happy for you, except for the licking part.

hil said...

just wait till we see Dustin this summer. you'll be wishing for Captain's licks instead of Dustin's farts! i love brothers; they make us who we are. plus, Captain helped make one darn cute baby!

Jocelyn said...

Oh sure, you want us to be horrified and grossed out by your disgusting brother. But honestly, Haley, where did he learn that trick? It seems like I've suffered a similar fate from his Slimer big sister in the past. I'm sure he did have more slobber than you would have, though. You're a lady.

Harvey is adorable! I can't believe how big he has gotten! If I had been there, the two of us would have been able to steal him for sure. I'm sure it's not much harder than a construction cone!