Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My apologies

Apparently there are more NASCAR fans among my blogging BFF's than I originally though, judging by the lack of comments. My apologies for those who I've offended. As a token of my apology I'd like to tell you that about two months ago, Nate and I were going to move into a trailer...in a trailer park. Nate was growing his hair out to prepare for the narley mullet he'd one day have and I was stocking up on tube-tops.

It began when my Great uncle Reg and his wife decided to get a divorce. I'm not going to go into too much detail about uncle Reg, I'm still pretty angry at him for taking away forever my dream of living in a trailer park.
Uncle Reg bought a trailer for himself to live in. I guess he got a killer deal, I don't care. After buying the trailer he and his wife reconciled so he prepared to move back in with her but there was one problem, he had a trailer. So he decided to rent it out but he wanted to rent it to someone who he could trust. Enter Nate and I. I guess word got around to uncle Reg that we were dying to move from our comfortable apartment, perfectly situated for school and work, with great landlords to squeeze into a trailer, excuse me, a mobile home.
After quite a bit of pressure from my family (I hate family-pressure) we decided that maybe it would be a good move to save a little money. We would do a favor for my uncle and save like crazy.
I called to say that we would take the trailer. My mind shifted into "moving" gear. I hate moving, I hate moving into "mobile" homes too. I hung up the phone and walked over to our landlords to give them our 30 day notice. As I trudged home I wondered what the heck was wrong with me, I had just agreed to move into a trailer...and I was starting to get excited about it. I walked into my house as my phone rang. I answered it. It was my grandma telling me that Uncle Reg just found out that he couldn't rent the trailer to anyone (even though the couple in the trailer previous were renting) and that he had to live in it himself. In that same breath he had asked my grandparents to drive 6 hours to move him and his wife to the trailer.
There are no words to describe the anger, rage, hate or absolute disdain I felt for my uncle at that moment. I then went back over to my landlords to beg to keep our apartment.
By the way, the morning that my grandparents were suppose to go help good ol' uncle Reg move, he called and said he decided not to move into the trailer.
I think that some one's full of it and he's on my permanent doo-doo list.

And so, that's how Nate and I narrowly missed our dreams. I was so excited, there was a place for a little garden and I had already planned to stand half a bath tub up in the yard with the virgin Mary inside, just like the people in upstate NY do. I think that's just lovely.


Tia said...

I'm not a fan of nascar. However, my sister and I always wanted to be professional drag street racers. Although, now I would never dream of it. Is there really a difference? Other than the legal issues?

Gayle said...

Well Haley I am not offended but I do LOVE Nascar. See I fell in love with it when we got free tickets to watch the race here in Phoenix. I understand the sterotype but things have changed. It has gone upper class. Ric attended the LOWES race in Charlotte and toured the Hendric Garage. This is the 1st class opperation for Jimmie Johnson, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt. Now I don't expect you to know these drivers but they are some of the best. I came to understand the sport once I went to a race. I do laugh when I see some of the fans that you have characterized. There will be Rednecks in football and other sports. As for the trailer. I would go there. :)

Ali said...

That SO sounds like something my family would do, my mom's side of the family that is. Offer a gift, have you plan for it, and then pull out at the last second. Awesome.

Where did you get that Bathtub Maria? I think you should call it "Madonna of the Soap Scum" and pray to her that your drains stay clog free. "Blessed mother of the bath, blessed are you among all porcelain and blessed are the claws of your footed tub"