Monday, May 18, 2009

Please understand...

I'd like to take a moment to complain. Now, I don't usually like to use my blog or my blogging BFF's as a way to release anger and frustration. That's what Nate's for, I just beat him when I need to get all my bad feelings out. But no matter how hard I beat Nate, this time the anger wouldn't go away.

It started roughly about 2 months ago. Nate and I excitedly sat down for our usual Saturday 7:00 pm program. It's kind of a tradition for us, we each have a little treat. Cuddle closer together, laugh and cry as we are pulled into the life of the people we see on the program. It's our little date night because we're too broke to go out on a real date, very romantic.
Anyway, about 2 months ago "NASCAR season" started. I can understand basketball, football and baseball season but NASCAR? Give me a break, there is nothing, absolutely nothing more trailer/white-trash than NASCAR. I hope I don't offend any of my blogging BFF NASCAR fans, but it is what it is. Most NASCAR fans are self proclaimed white-trash, they're proud to live in trailers, wearing wifebeaters and tubetops sharing daisy-duke cut off jeans. Gentlemen strutting around like peacocks proudly trying to out swagger fellow Mullet-teers. I know, I lived in AZ and spent some time with them. I recieved many tempting marriage proposals but for some reason just couldn't commit.
Focus, focus, Judd, you're not mad at the trailer-trash, they didn't put NASCAR on channel 13 on Saturday's at 7:00pm.
Channel 13, I will find you and when I will pay.

What? What's that my blogging BFFs? Oh, you want to know what the show is that NASCAR so rudely interupted?
The ever classy COPS.
I wish I could wear those shorts, I'm so jealous. I would kill for those thighs.


hil said...

i love cops, too! and nascar is so, so boring. anyway, i don't blame you for being ticked about cops. when i was living in my first apartment in mesa, Aramie called me and said, "Hillary, i just saw your apartment building on cops." she was totally serious. that's right--i live the high life and i wouldn't trade it for anything!

gigi said...

That looks like Officer Dangle. Do you think he is a real cop? :)
We like to watch cops to see if we see any of our neighbors or relatives on there. Some even look like Harry's employees.