Monday, June 15, 2009

I've become a 5 year old

The Set:
Nate and Haley are laying on their bed talking. They discuss the days events which include Nate giving Haley his back pain pills because she had such a horrible headache. The result was Haley sleeping for 7 hours and laughing like a maniac the few minutes she was awake.

Haley- Do you know that I have allergies to medication?

Nate- You have allergies to medication?

Haley- Yes, you don't know what they are do you?

Nate- You don't have any allergies to medication.

Haley- Yes I do, call my mom and ask....

At this point Haley realizes what slipped out of her mouth and hopes Nate wasn't paying attention. He was.

So, please note the following:

-If you don't believe me you can call my mom
-My dad can beat up your dad
-My dress is prettier than your dress
-I have the mentality of a 5 year old


gigi said...

I must have gotten your headache. We left on vacation on Saturday and Harry had to drive all 12 hours because I had, I guess a migrain? Not sure? but after 3 over the counter meds, I ended up taking one of his pain pills and that knocked the headache and me out! :) Hope to not have one of those again for many years to come. Sorry you had to suffer one too. Hope things are better this week.

hil said...

you forgot "you're not the boss of me." i resort to that one frequently. luckily i married a man-child, so it works pretty well. don't worry, we're all 5 year olds deep down. and, your dress IS prettier than mine!

Jocelyn said...
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hil said...
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hil said...

i can't help myself, either. that was a ridiculously rude and inappropriate comment to leave on your friend's blog. i am stunned by your audacity and lack of class.

Jocelyn said...
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hil said...

hey, i call them like i see them. yeah, you can give her a heads up, but do it discreetly. i don't care about your character or your friendship; just the way you treat my sister.

Athena said...


Washington Cowgirl said...

(Haley walks into the conversation waving a white flag of truce)
I'm glad both of you are on my side! And I love you!!

Aramie Judd-Randall said...

Whoa. Working with special-ed pre-schoolers requires me to use the words digress and regress quite a bit, unfortunately. Sometimes I think I need to use both words. Sometimes I have to think about which of the 2 is more appropriate. You have combines the two, thereby making my job a whole lot easier! It's pure genius! One word, 2 meanings. Love it and you!