Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh, Nate you are a silly silly boy

Haley is sitting at home watching her favorite movie, P.S. I Love You. Nate walks in and stands there for a moment. The following conversation then commenced:

N: You know you shouldn't watch that movie so much.

H: Why? I like it.

N: I just don't think it's healthy for you to be lusting after Gerard Butler like you do.

Haley pauses thoughtfully

H: I agree Nate, you are right it's not healthy for me to be lusting after Gerard Butler. Thank you for sharing that thought with me.

Haley then turns back and continues to watch the movie. No more is said on the subject. Haley smiles to herself and thinks "Lusting after Gerard Butler. What does he take me for?"

Below is the reason Haley enjoys P.S. I Love You so much:

Blogging BFF's, this is Jeffery. He's new so please make him feel welcome. If you're really nice he'll whisper sweet little nothings in your ear with an Irish accent. And if you're really nice you might catch a glimpse of his cute little tushy (or so I've heard....).

Gerard...ha! Oh, Nate you are a silly silly boy.


Ali said...

Do you think they are trying to brand Gerard/Jeffrey as the new Russel Crowe?


P.S. Lustful thoughts will surly accompany said discussion.

P.P.S. I must watch this "P.S. I Love You" of which you speak.

Beth said...

Haley - I hope you don't mind me peaking at your blog. I have to agree with you he is the reason I love "p.s. I Love You" also!!!!

p.s. Good luck with your "Options":) It was good to see you.

Grieve Family said...

I hate to burst your bubble.. but he is Scottish.