Friday, August 28, 2009

A letter to my husband

Dear Nate,

As I've recently turned 28 I find that there are a few things in my life that I'd like. I've narrowed the list down to three lovely items. In a perfect world I would want all three at the same time but seeing how that's not the case, I'll settle for one:

Option #1
Option #2

Option #3

You choose, no pressure. Just pick what you think would make me the happiest.


PS: This is not a trick question, there is no wrong answer...


Curried Cupcakes said...

Nate if I were you I'd pick the mixer. You get good food from it, and the mess is never permanat. Harvey just decided our hard wood floors should be white. He, and the floor are both covered in pait that was ment for the molding. Mixers are nice.

Jess said...

Definitely pick the puppy, then we can have puppy cousins! Who needs kids, our families can just consist of us, and as many dogs as we wish!

gigi said...

My kitchen aid goes in the truck first when we evacuate for hurricans! It's that LOVED! Although the kids and GRANDS run a close second!
Happy weekend.

verification word: asharpr

Ali said...

Baby Pro: Someone to snuggle with. Baby con: Someone to poop on you

Kitchen Aid Pro: Something to use to make awesome butterscotch & Semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies, breads, etc.
Kitchen Aid Con: Another kitchen appliance to take up room on your counter, struggle with to clean and feel guilty about when you decide not to use it and just make your box of cake mix with the hand mixer.

Dog Pro: Someone to snuggle with (or in the case of my dog, someone who will sit on your head)
Dog Con: Someone you have to take outside at 10 pm after you are already in your chonies and ready for bed. Also, someone who's poop you have to pick up. JUST LIKE A BABY!!

People will tell you that having a dog is a great prep for a baby. NOT TRUE!! My dog slept through the night from the first day we got her. Some people will admit that their 7 year old still doesn't do that.

Go with a 4th option. . .JEWELRY!!!

hil said...

i'm horrified that the resounding answer is a Kitchen Aid. though, that blue color is so nice...i like that you gave Nate options. that way, it will be a surprise. it might be a mixer, it might be a baby. we'll have to wait and see. good luck to you!

Kari said...


Colleen Marie said...

From a financial standpoint, the mixer is the cheapest, in the long run. Then the dog, then the kid.

From an emotional standpoint, the mixer will look at you guiltily when you don't play with it. Same for the puppy and child.

On the other hand the mixer will never be glad you're home. It will never come find you when you fall down a cliff, or make you turkeys traced around it's hand.

As far as enjoyment. It might be fun to pick out a mixer, it will be fun to pick out a puppy, and it will be VERY fun creating a child. Keep that part in mind when choosing gifts.