Friday, October 23, 2009

My Recent Love

I have Nate to thank for introducing me what has become one of my new favorite pieces of art.

I don't even know how to put into words the deep feelings in my soul when I look at this sculpture created by Michelangelo. He was truly a master.

Michelangelo's Pieta:
Piety: reverence for God or devout fulfillment of religious obligations.
Pity: sympathetic or kindly sorrow evoked by the suffering, distress, or misfortune of another, often leading one to give relief or aid or to show mercy.

Michelangelo sculpted Mary's face to be young and beautiful because he wanted her to look pure; as she looked when she was first visited by the Angel Gabriel.
The spear wound in Christs' side.

The face of the crucified Christ. At peace and free from the pain of the world.

Have you ever seen anything more sad yet more tender? A mother holding her first child, perhaps thinking about how she use to hold him like this when he was a little baby.

Every time I see the Pieta, it takes my breathe away.


Kari said...

I saw this in person. It truly is amazing. What a talent. It was a gift from God and he used it wisely.

gigi said...


Ali said...

I LOOOOVE sculpture. I mean, paintings are good, and lots of them speak to me and all. But there is something about sculpture. About seeing it 3-D. About seeing art from all angles, all views. And the amazing AMAZING things these people can do with rock. Making it look like water, or fabric or skin. Almost like you could reach out and feel Jesus' ribs under his pulled skin.


Aramie Judd-Randall said...

Beautiful. I love this piece as well. I love you Haley Beth!

Jess said...

Definitely inspired work.

Colleen Marie said...

First, I'd like to say I love the new Halloween inspired background. Secondly, I also love this piece. I hope to see it in real life some day. Also, I was doing fine until you mentioned the part about her thinking about holding him like this when he was a child, and I choked up, and tears came to my eyes. Then I composed myself, and started typing this, and it's happening again.