Monday, December 21, 2009

More public appeal

I was asked to sing in church yesterday. I was honored since it was for the Christmas program. My friend Cleo and I practiced "Still, Still, Still." We were ready to go.

Walked into the chapel and picked up a program to see when we would be singing. What I didn't expect was to see that I'd been replaced by someone with more public appeal.
I didn't even know Ashley sang. I thought it was just Naomi and Wynonna. Talk about a mind blower. Then the bishop (who knows who I am) announced a duet by "Ashley Judd and Cleo Barlow."
People pulled out their phones to text friends "Get to the church ASAP, Ashley Judd is singing!"
I observed many looks of disappointment when people saw me walk up to the stage and not Ashley. Sorry people!
Then after church everyone was asking me if my real name was Ashley and they'd been calling me by the wrong name.
I'd have been flattered if I look like AJ and everyone was telling me I'm the spitting image of her. But no, that's not the way that's going to roll.
Dang you Ashley Judd! You've ruined me life! PS: Please send money, since we're family and all...


Ali said...

Ashley Judd!! Holy crap!!

Oh wait, you said she DIDN'T show up.

Man, I would've LOVED to see her. But I guess you'll do.

Ha ha.

I'm sure your song was awesome, especially since that scene stealing Ashley Judd was missing.

hil said...

i wish i could've heard you singing. don't bother asking that stingy side of the family for money; i've been doing it for years and nada.