Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving: Take II

Hurrah for Thanksgiving! Another year has passed and we didn't burn a house down and so far no one has reported symptoms of ecol i. Talk about having something to be thankful for.
This Thanksgiving Mr. Judd and I went to sunny San Diego where we spent 4 great days with Dustin and Jess (aka Dessica or Justin) and their puppies.
Jess and I preparing to make the best Thanksgiving meal ever...
a meal filled with sweat, tears and a few swears.

No, I'm not being paid to model with that can of sweetened milk, I'm flattered that you would think so though.

Some things are better to just leave alone, don't ask.

No, Nate, don't you wake your pretty little head...we're saving dishes for you.

Jess just couldn't wait. Can you blame her? A pumpkin and apple pie (both made from scratch) are hard to resist.

Just trying to gross out Hillary. Hil, did it work?

The finished bird. This was the point that Jess and I realized that our true callings in life were to be Thanksgiving Caterers. Our catch phrase will be "We won't give you ecoli like the other guys will."

And now presenting:
Jess, the master turkey cutter
with a guest appearance by Haley's booty.

The finishing touches on a great feast.

Many thanks to our photographer/dishwasher, Dustin.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...

I know Nate did. Poor little guy, he's all tuckered out from eating.


hil said...

you know that raw turkey picture made me vomit a little in my mouth, but the cooked turkey looks perfect! like it should grace the cover of a cookbook. eat THAT, pioneer woman! that looked great and i love your glasses. i wish we could have been there, and i am glad you guys got to go and have the feast of a lifetime.

Ali said...

Ecol-i: Nature's way of saying "I thought you could lose a few pounds today. . .OUT OF BOTH ENDS"

Delish. And you look like you are having a great time.

I love me a good post-turkey nap. I don't blame anyone for taking a nap on that day.