Friday, February 19, 2010

Nate's Lost Innocence

His eyes don't shine quite so bright as they use to, his smile isn't near as big nor as happy, and his walk is hesitant; he doesn't have the same confidence that he once had.
Nate has lost his innocence. In the dark of night, dreaming of m&m's and GI Joes, he was robbed of his childhood.

Two nights ago it happened, as he slept next to his wife. As was their custom before going to sleep they cuddled a little. He squeezed her knee, she squeezed his. That was their thing, a sign of love and affection shown by a simple knee squeeze.
He was lying on his side, facing towards his sweetheart with his knees pulled up toward his chest. He slept. A deep refreshing sleep. A peaceful, happy, worry free sleep.
His wife got out of bed to use the restroom (she cursed "Dr." Oz under her breath). Nate awoke slightly but then rolled over and pulled his legs back up towards his chest.
In the darkness his wife carefully walked back to bed. She slid under the covers and reached out to slip her hand between his knees to give him a little knee squeeze. She didn't know he had rolled over, she didn't know that when she reached her hand out she was reaching for his exposed (though clothed) tushy. She DIDN'T know!
All she does know is that she was going to give him a knee squeeze not a full on colonoscopy/full on left tush cheek grab. She DIDN'T know that a hand could slide up that far between....
With tears in her eyes she whispers "I didn't know."

Nate awoke in an instant, instinctively squeezing his cheekies together but it was too late, the damage had been done and the innocence stolen, never too be returned.

And now you know why Nate is afraid of the dark, now you know why he's always looking behind him with a hint of fear in his eyes. Now you know why he's the way he is... you know.


Kari said...

You definitely made me snicker!

Ali said...

I'm going to email you the "Twinkie" story I heard at my old office. I think you will enjoy it.

And I don't think Nate was all that innocent to start off with! Anyone who wears an "I [grenade] NJ" surely lost his innocence long long ago. Probably in New Jersey.

Athena said...

Im so sorry nate that you have to deal with my sister.

Athena said...

But then you made that choice

hil said...

Haley, is there no limit to your perversions? i'm locking my door the next time we sleep under the same roof! the germ-a-phobe in me is hoping you washed your hands after this series of unfortunate events; it sounds like you got pretty well in there.

kanishk said...

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