Monday, February 15, 2010

Please answer the following question:

What is the point of the game Hide and Seek?


Curried Cupcakes said...

the point of 'hide and seek'is to keep kids occupied while you get housework done.

Gayle said...

The trill of being found. What would be the point if you hid and no one came looking. :(

Ali said...

The purpose is to see just how small of a space you can fit your little brother into. Cupboard under stairs? No way! he can still turn around and stand up half way.

Dryer? NOW WE ARE TALKING!! Jam him in and close the doors to the laundry area. That way he's EXTRA hidden and it makes the game more fun for everyone. (Helpful hint: Play music really loudly so you can't hear his screams.)

Ahh, Hide and Seek. So many punishments remembered

hil said...

the point of hide and seek is to instill in children (or just in Hillary) the fear of being pursued. it's not a game anymore once you hear those creeping steps coming closer and closer. i hate that game!

kanishk said...

The trill of being found.
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