Friday, June 18, 2010

Family Feud

Nate is very embarrassed by the fact that occasionally we sit down in front of the TV and watch Family Feud. And we like it.
The first few times it we watched the show we would pretend that there was nothing else on. Sporadically one of us would call out an answer then turn to the other, embarrassed. Now, we both call out answers. There is no longer shame because we are both complete and utter nerds.

I keep trying to convince Nate that we should go on the show. It's not like Jeopardy where you actually have to know stuff. I've seen some of the dumbest people win on Family Feud. Nate's answer, when I ask him if he wants to be on the show and have the chance of winning $20,000, What if my friends see me?

Um, babe, I don't think any of your friends are frequent watchers of the Feud. And, if they did watch, don't you think they'd be proud to see you on their favorite game show? I think so, you would be their hero.

I (really it was both of us) began to plan out who we wanted to add to our team. You have to audition for the show because they want to make it interesting. We needed people with spunk and pure cheap entertainment.

This next part seems mean but the truth will set me free. We thought we'd invite my sister, Logan, to join our team because she often says things that are way out there and can be pretty hilarious. We didn't really expect her to help us win but her personality would get us on the show.

That was until Logan stopped by one evening during a particularly intense game of Family Feud. She sat down and answered every question correct. She was kicking Nate and my behinds up one road and down another.
SHE WAS OUR SECRET WEAPON. We didn't even know it.

So now, she needs to get us on the show and win it for us. $20,000 baby! Yea! we all know that $20,000 goes a long way when split between 5 people....


Athena said...

haley here is the number to apply 523-762-8467 and no worries I have already call. its was already filled up this week, but we will have to call next week to try again.

Campbell said...

HA I love it!!!

hil said...

i want in! i'll be no help, but think of the opportunity to bond! my credentials are sub-par, but Frankie and i did kick everyone's trash (with the help of Dusty and Jess) at the family reunion when we played "Mormon family feud." maybe we can play up my ms in the hopes of playing the handicap card. i'll sit in a wheelchair and you know they'd never turn us away!

also, i love that you guys watch family feud.