Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Strawberry Days Rodeo

Last month Vonda and I went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo. It's been our tradition the last few years. A little mutton bustin', barrel racing and bull riding. Best of all is the strawberries and cream that they sell at the rodeo, it's seriously what I imagine heaven being like...except for one thing. This chunky little boy kept deciding he needed to climb up and down the bleachers every 3 minutes and he thought squishing by me was the best way to do this. He had a stinky, fat little rear end and it was a perfect height with my face every time he stumbled by me. I was on the verge of pinching it (or biting it) the next time he came by, I didn't.

Here's the only picture I took of the rodeo. Sorry! I was a little distracted by a couple stinky cheeks in my face, I was fighting for my very survival.
Don't judge me.


Jason and Britney said...

I don't think they sell strawberries and cream at rodeos in Arizona. Maybe you ought to reconsider.

Curried Cupcakes said...

Harvey loves running up and down stairs too... It must be a boy thing. Though I bet if we went to a rodeo he would either yell "ROAAR" to the bulls or... run out and try to pet the giant "puppies."

brook beast said...

dont worry you still get a good shot..what a fun fun day :)

the Provident Woman said...

We took our brood to their first rodeo this summer. It was really fun.