Friday, August 27, 2010

Catch up

I haven't posted for awhile but that's because not a lot new has happened, actually that's not true. A lot has happened but it's not that interesting to anyone except Nate and I.

First, we moved to Arizona. Ahhhh! I was really sad to leave my friends, co-workers and all the people I worked with and served with. Here are a few pictures of going my going away:
My cute Young Women
Some of my friends at work (greetings to the Hitchcock Stalker's, you know who you are!)
My sweet, sweet sister who helped me more that she'll ever know. Thanks so much Logan, I love you and miss you.

And then after Logan and I packed up the Uhaul (ps: Don't ever rent a Uhaul, they're one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with) Nate and I drove to Arizona.
I turned 29
This is me documenting my 29th birthday (even though is was taken 4 days after my actual b-day).
And that's it, I'm looking for a job and a house. Frank, Hil and Darby are letting us stay with them which has been lot's of fun. Darby enjoys tormenting Nate, I think it's good for him he's got life too easy anyway.
So there you have it in a nut shell, the Judd's are now Arizonians.


Ali said...

Does it feel weird going and hanging out and now LIVING in your old mission area? I mean I went back to visit and it was weird. I can't imagine living RIGHT in the middle of where I worked!

I'm so sad you left before we could say goodbye. But I'll just have to go down and visit you/Judd soon and make up for it!

Gayle said...

You need to message me on FB so we can have you over for dinner. Would love to see you. I hope the house and job hunting is productive. Love to see you and meet Nate.

Curried Cupcakes said...

We are glad you made it to AZ safely. Harvey says "roar" and "buhbye." We'd love to see some pics of your new place.

gigi said...

Good luck and hope things go really well for yall there amongs other Judds.

Athena said...

I miss you too, but its for the best, Besides nate needs to get use to having kids around. Go DARBY!!!!!