Friday, September 17, 2010

Darby and continuing education

I've learned a lot since moving to Arizona. I've learned that when you're living with a 4 year old "what's mine is her's and what's her's is her's." I've learned little nieces love to tease their Unca Nates (but he usually deserves it so I don't feel bad for him one little bit). I've learned the best way to eat is when you're racing but I always loose... I've learned that I can't like the color blue because "daddy likes blue, only daddy." I've learned that little hands can reach a lot further under bathroom doors than I feel comfortable with while I'm on the pot. I've learned that my little niece has way nicer legs then I have, and I'm very envious (how cute are those shoes).
I've learned every word to the Neverending Story not only because we watch it 7 times a day but when it's not on I get to be Artax and sink into the bog. I've learned that all my life I was taught how to count to 10 wrong, it's 1,2,3,4,10. I've learned that I have a best buddy one minute and then next "we're not friends anymore" (it's very painful, emotionally). I've learned the exact angle and speed it takes to turn a corner to avoid a little hand smacking my booty.
So, as you can see, Arizona has been a good move for me, intellectually.

...And Darby has learned that the combination of static electricity and Auntie Haley equals trouble...and payback is a beast...hahahaha!


Campbell said...

hahaha I love it. Yeah Laney smacked my mom's booty. It was pretty funny and she was a bit surprised. haha....and I LOVE those shoes!!! I must get me some of those.

Gayle said...

Love the post. I am finding much the same when my Grand daughter moved in. When are you going to call me so we can see you and Nate?

gigi said...

I hope things are going well for you and Nate. I know it must be fun being with Hill and FAmily.

Ali said...

Judd doesn't call her the alpha baby for nothing!

I love that you pretend to be Artax for her. I can just see you sinking in the mud and having Darbs sob over you. (Truth be told, that part always disturbed me)

I love that you play with her so much. She couldn't have a better friend to pass the day with.

Here's to m ore booty smacking! Sounds like my kind of house!

hil said...

i'm glad Darby could educate you; i know she loves the opportunity!

i love having you here. and Darby is one lucky little tornado to have an Auntie who unselfishly plays tag for hours at at time. and who plays a very convincing Artax.

i love you.

Athena said...

you are just getting ready for whats a head!!!!!!

Athena said...

by the way my work computer still says that your blog is porn.